The Eurogroup asks Sánchez for a realistic Budget Plan before negotiating about the deficit

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The Eurogroup meets on Monday and, as usual, includes a section on the agenda for government ministers who have been established since the last meeting to take advantage of what their priorities are. Together with Nadia Calviño, her colleagues from Austria and Finland will be invited to do so.

 What sources of this organization have ruled out is that on this occasion the already vice-president of the Social-Communist Government will begin the discussion on a reduction of the deficit objectives. Senior Eurogroup officials have warned that the mechanism remains the same for everyone and that the Spanish Government is obliged to present its draft budget first and wait for the Commission to tell you whether or not it agrees with the rules.

Only afterwards can you begin haggling to contemplate what the possible flexibility may be in this case. The Eurogroup is so far from the pretensions of the new Government that in this session it does not foresee to go further and for that reason “it will be a meeting with a short agenda and we hope it will end soon.” .


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