The European Commission wants to strengthen its arsenal against the Gafa

The European Commission intends to strengthen by the end of the year its repressive arsenal against the hegemony of the digital giants, which could go as far as their exclusion from the common market, said Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton to the Financial Times .

The Gafa (acronym for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple), are “too big not to care“, Believes the Commissioner, according to whom the EU has”need better supervisionOf these mastodons, like the strengthened regulation of banking activity after the 2008 crisis.

A code of good practice

The European Commission is due to unveil new legislation by the end of the year (the “Digital Services Act»), A priority for the European executive, in order to better monitor the way in which large platforms expand their activities, tackle disinformation or manage personal data. It aims to better protect consumers and smaller competitors.

The scale of sanctions for platforms which, for example, force their users to use only their service, could go as far as requiring them to separate from some of their activities.

«Platforms need to be more responsible and accountable, they need to become more transparent. It’s time to move beyond self-regulatory measures», Said Vera Jourova, in charge of values ​​and transparency within the Commission, presenting at the beginning of September an assessment of the implementation of a code of good practice against disinformation, launched in 2018 and signed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Mozilla and more recently TikTok.

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