The European Cup and America’s Cup will start soon! PPTV launches online watching zone for fun and gluttonous

Source Title: The European Cup and the America’s Cup are about to start! PPTV goes online to watch the football zone to have fun with a gluttonous feast

The fans’ midsummer carnival is here! The European Cup, America’s Cup, Olympic Games and other major sports events postponed last year due to the epidemic will all reunite with us this summer. The European Cup, which starts on June 12, will be the first shot of the 2021 sports year. The PPTV smart TV, which has always been a standout in sports events, also closely follows the needs of fans. It has specially set up the “European Cup Channel” for watching football and launched the “Free Watch America’s Cup” super-value benefits to help sports fans enjoy the summer.

Watch the football zone directly to the hot-blooded matches, “free” America’s Cup to enjoy the green passion

The 2020 European Cup schedule spans from June 12 to July 12, and the America’s Cup will be held from June 14 to July 11. The superposition of two large-scale matches brings the fans’ enthusiasm that has been suppressed for a long time. A great release outlet. PPTV Smart TV’s intimate online watching area (system needs to be upgraded to BiuOS 4.2 and above), with diverse column settings, including the latest and hottest schedules, as well as European Cup special programs, the road to the European Cup, teams and stars The tour, as well as the review of previous classic matches, are convenient for fans to watch the live broadcast schedule and review the classic battles that will never get tired of.


PPTV owns a variety of infinite and full-screen smart TVs, shocking and wide-ranging, allowing you to share the green passion with the fighting football players. For example, the PPTV Smart TV A55A is equipped with a sixth-generation image quality engine that supports HDR decoding and dynamic noise reduction. The 4K ultra-high-definition image quality of up to 8.29 million pixels can truly restore every wonderful detail. PPTV Smart TV G55 is equipped with a ninth-generation image quality engine, which supports 8K decoding on the basis of 4K ultra-high-definition image quality, and uses special optical materials to prevent blue light and protect the eyes. This summer, it is better to take the children to enjoy the charm of football Right. More importantly, with a PPTV smart TV, you can watch the America’s Cup for free, more exciting and never miss it!


AI intelligently controls a large number of benefits to increase the size, watching the ball more freely

It’s not as good as everyone’s pleasure. It’s quite enjoyable to meet three or five friends together to watch a football game. If the TV at home supports AI intelligent control, the feeling of smoothness will undoubtedly double again. The PPTV smart TV A55A and the mobile phone PP micro-assistant are AI intelligently interconnected, and the mobile phone can be directly turned into a remote control, and voice control is not a problem, and the switching of programs is more arbitrary. PPTV Smart TV G55 supports remote control-free AI voice control, which completely liberates your hands. You can adjust the volume and check the weather at any time through far-field voice, and the TV is under your command.

When the European Cup and the America’s Cup hit the 618 big promotion, PPTV smart TVs also provided multiple benefits to fans. The A55A 618 benefit price is as low as 3399 yuan, and the G55 has a huge hand price of only 3599 yuan. Send original microphones, PP boxes and other peripheral gifts, and enjoy the after-sales service of one-year warranty for the whole machine and three-year screensaver. At the same time, PPTV smart TVs have launched a number of upgrade services this summer. From now until August 31, the purchase of mid-to-high-end core items will be given a free cleaning service once within a year. 1931 regions across the country support the “delivery and installation” service. (After-sales service telephone: 400-001-2007). In other words, even if you are dissatisfied with the effect of the old TV while watching the game, you temporarily order a PPTV smart TV, and the integrated service of PPTV delivery and installation can help you get a large-screen experience in the shortest time.

The European Cup and the America’s Cup will be launched in conjunction with the old trade-in, interest-free installment, “one-piece delivery and installation”, and free cleaning cards for home appliances. Whether it is the climax of sports events or the dizzying PPTV benefits, it is enough to make people feel surging. The PPTV Smart TV 618 promotion is underway. Those who want to upgrade their watching experience may wish to go to online shopping mall or stores nationwide to inquire about purchases.

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