The European Space Agency showed from the satellite an iceberg that broke away from Antarctica

The European Space Agency said that the iceberg was predicted to break off a few weeks ago.

The European Space Agency (ESA) showed a snapshot of an iceberg in Antarctica, which on February 26 broke away from the ice shelf Brant. Made it withtraveler of the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission. Image before and after the breakaway on March 2 published press service of the agency on Twitter.

The ESA said that the area of ​​the iceberg is 1270 km².

In the press service notedthat the breakaway of the iceberg was predicted a few weeks ago. It was unofficially called the A-74.

“Antarctic icebergs are named in accordance with the Antarctic quadrant in which they were initially noticed, then – a serial number, and then – if the iceberg breaks – the next letter,” the message says.

The British Antarctic Survey reported that breakaway glacier thickness is 150 m. More than 10 years ago, cracks began to appear on it. In January, one of the largest of them began to grow actively, as a result of which an iceberg broke away from the ice floe. The British Halley Research Station is located on the Brunt Glacier, which was moved inland in 2016 so that it would not be carried away in the event of an iceberg chipping. There are no employees at the station now.

In 2017, in Antarctica, the glacier broke away largest iceberg in history… Its area was about 5800 km², and its weight was about 1 trillion tons.


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