The European Union, among the biggest buyers of doses of Covid-19 vaccine

The Twenty-Seven have pre-ordered 1.4 billion doses of vaccines for their 447 million inhabitants, or just over 3.1 doses per European. Which pleases the European Union between the United States (3 doses per capita) and Australia (5.3 doses per capita) with regard to orders, according to data compiled by the Duke Global Health Innovation Center – but in which China is not listed. Otherwise, l’initiative Covax piloted by the World Health Organization ordered 1.6 billion doses; it should allow access to vaccination in the least developed countries.

By far the top of the rankings, Canada has ordered 358 million doses for its 37.6 million people, or just over 9.5 doses per capita.

Vaccines monopolized by the richest countries

These figures show that the richest countries have already reserved more than 3 billion doses from various pharmaceutical companies involved in the race for vaccines.

Some of these countries like UK, Canada or Japan have, however, ordered vaccines on their behalf and are at the same time members of the Covax initiative. This means that certain doses should be delivered to the poorest countries, without waiting for all Westerners to be “served”.

Conversely, the United States ordered 1 billion doses, and negotiated an option for 1.6 billion more. They are not members of Covax, but that could change with the election of Democrat Joe Biden to the White House.

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