the ex-galaxy Nethys is in prison, what will happen to all the other protagonists?

Sunday morning, while Stéphane Moreau, the former mayor of Ans and former strongman of Nethys, had just spent his first night in Lantin prison, the Attorney General of Liège, Christian De Valkeneer, confirmed the information published overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the section of retention allowances related to the Nethys file, a public company.

Let us recall, Saturday, at the stroke of 11 p.m., after more than 40 hours of deprivation of liberty and very long and complex interrogations, Stéphane Moreau, the ex-CEO of Nethys, and Pol Heyse, his right arm at Nethys and the balance sheet and accounts specialist, were placed under arrest warrant by the examining magistrate specialized in economic and financial matters, Frédéric Frenay.

► The Attorney General of Liège, Christian De Valkeneer details these arrests.

Jean-Pol Lacomble, a renowned lawyer in the business world, worked for Nethys at the time of the triumvirate made up of Stéphane Moreau, his right-hand man Pol Heyse and Bénédicte Bayer.

Following the report called Forensic carried out within Nethys after the leak of the former management, a list with seven names of lawyers from Liège who had worked on behalf of Nethys had arrived on the office of the general prosecutor’s office. His was one of them. Some see him as the one who imagined and then perfected the complex financial package. Jean-Paul Lacomble has been heard at length on this subject.

► What will happen to him and all the other protagonists in this complicated case? Here are some answers.

As for Pol Heyse, the former managing director of Nethys who was apprehended Friday at the same time as Stéphane Moreau and who was also awarded an arrest warrant on Saturday evening for embezzlement and abuse of corporate assets. He is accused of having received 2.2 million retention allowances deemed illegal.

► His lawyer, Me Jean-Pierre Buyle, does not understand why his client is in prison: months that the investigation is underway and it has already been searched twice. »

► Here are all the details of this case in full!


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