The ex-keeper visits BILD LIVE – Lehmann shoots against Nagelsmann – Bundesliga

Nagelsmann swipe from Lehmann!

On Sunday, ex-keeper Jens Lehmann (51 / including BVB) and Simon Rolfes (39) were guests in “Die Lage der Liga”, the TV football talk on BILD LIVE (every Sunday 9:00 to 10:00).

And Lehmann knocks one out right away! Asks a provocative question about who is Nagelsmann’s or Matthäus’s better coach: “What actually is quality? Does someone like Lothar Matthäus or Julian Nagelsmann know more about football. Nagelsmann never hyped up. Lothar’s authenticity is already high. “

Photo: Dennis Brosda

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Julian Nagelsmann has been training Bayern Munich since this seasonPhoto: Dennis Brosda

Lehmann spoke to moderators Walter M. Straten and Alfred Draxler about the current situation in the Bundesliga.

► Lehmann on …

… his time after the Aogo affair: “I used the time in the last six months to train myself. And I have developed personally. I also did a football teacher training course. That helped me. “

Lehmann (r.) im Gespräch bei BILD TVPhoto: BILD

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Lehmann (r.) In conversation at BILD TVPhoto: BILD

… Haaland: “He already has an imposing stature. The force and this height. Of course, he has to improve his other foot. I have never seen such a massive, big player be so fast. ”And further:“ He’s still there. There aren’t that many clubs where he can go and where he can make a difference. Maybe he could go to Manchester United or Arsenal, where he could bring a club back up. ”

… Hertha: “Covid is a big challenge. I think Lars Windhorst’s investment is good. That you help a big club like Hertha. But perhaps it was not so easy for those responsible that they now had larger sums of money. I always envied Arsene Wenger, who had a lot of money but spent little. “

… a surprising offer: “I’ve always been lucky enough to be part of traditional clubs. I also had an offer from Liverpool. But that didn’t work out that way back then. Dortmund had the worst training ground. “

… Oliver Kahn: “I think Kahn is a good line-up for FC Bayern. A former soccer player who embodies Bayern’s values. I can well imagine that. “

… a comeback in the Bundesliga: “It may well be that I want to play in the Bundesliga again. If someone wants to win! I’ve been assistant coach twice now, but head coach would be appropriate now. “

Rolfes is switched to the studio and gives the last information before the top game against Bayern: “This is a wonderful starting point, we are looking forward to the game!”

Rolfes also to …

… the form-high of Leverkusen: “We changed a lot in the summer. There was a big upheaval in the squad. We have a lot of potential. With Seoane we have a coach who is able to lead this team. “

… on the fear of a Wirtz transfer by Bavaria: “No, we are not afraid. We can all sleep peacefully because of the contractual arrangements. Now we should enjoy the way Flo plays soccer. We don’t need to speculate where he’s going. He has a perfect environment here. The journalists should concentrate on something else, more on how he plays football. “


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