The ex-Miss explains the origin of her first name and surprises Internet users!

Miss France & Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere plays in the backyard of high-profile instagramers. She brings together 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account. So inevitably, this social network is his livelihood. On a daily basis, Iris Mittenaere promotes makeup and clothing brands.

But the young woman shows also of humor and responsiveness. In September 2020, she had repackaged the bad tongues who made fun of her darling Diego El Glaoui. Indeed, Iris Mittenaere had rebelled against the internment of Uighur Muslims in China. The former beauty queen then shared a message in her story.

Then in the show “Midi Lunch” on Chérie FM that she hosts, she spoke about it again: « Millions of Uighur Muslims are locked up and tortured in concentration camps in China. Not for what they do, but for what they are. It is the largest mass internment of the 21st century. We must put an end to it #freeuyghurs. »

« The best is to stay in your place and talk about beauty. »

The latter certainly did not expect this flood of insults. Especially since the young woman was participating in a campaign for a good cause. Fortunately, the beautiful brunette did not have trouble recovering from her emotions. She quickly displayed the haters in due form.

Quickly, a flood of Internet users fell on him. More than internet users, it was haters who covered her with a lot of insults. A woman allowed herself to write: « Your post is totally out of place on the Chinese regime, which has understood the scourge of this religion. (…) You do not master these subjects. ” She continued: ” The best is to stay in your place and talk about beauty. »

“Su * euse de babouche.”

Iris Mittenaere found it hard to believe it. The influencer even said: « I am shocked”. Unfortunately, she received other degrading messages. An Internet user has to write: “Do not speak of the millions of persecuted Catholics on the other hand, con ***. Slipper sweater. “

But Iris Mittenaere quickly ridiculed these individuals. In her story, she pointed out this insult unforgivable. She accompanied it with a message that has the merit of being clear: “ Otherwise, speaking of a babouche sweater. I am very proud to have a French-Moroccan boyfriend (editor’s note: Diego El Glaoui), which has an incredible cultural richness (…) ». Since then, she often nicknamed her lover on social networks “my babouche”.

“Your name is Iris because of the flower?

If we don’t know a nickname for him yet, we know his pretty name very well. Friday, August 27, the former miss participated in an exchange of questions and answers with her subscribers on Instagram. An Internet user then wanted to know the origin of his first name. “Your name is Iris because of the flower?”, He then asked him. Bad luck for him, that was not the right answer at all!

Source: Here / Instagram @irismittenaeremf

The one who won the title of Miss France in 2016 then gave the real explanation. His first name indeed refers to a movie. It is Stanley & Iris, which dates from 1990 and in which the movie monsters Robert De Niro and Jane Fonda play. “My name is Iris because of this film that my father loves, which tells the story of a school teacher (Iris), who teaches Stanley to read. Both my parents are teachers”, Thus released the young woman. Many Internet users have been charmed by this wonderful story. U.S. too !

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