The ex-nun convicted of the crime of Betty Argañaraz broke the silence, but did not say where the body is

This Thursday, the Justice of Tucumán rejected the request for conditional release presented by Marcos Fernández, whose previous identity was Nélida Fernández. Both he and Susana Acosta are convicted of the disappearance and crime of the teacher Beatriz Argañaráz, occurred on July 31, 2006. After the ruling, the two ex-novices who they have been imprisoned for 15 years, they will have to serve the rest of their prison sentence until the sentence is extinguished.

Fernández had argued in his proposal that he had the possibility of work in a taxi, since he was about to acquire a zero kilometer car. Despite the setback of Judge Carmen Rosa López, the inmate asked to speak during the hearing and again disassociated himself, as he did with his wife, from the fact.

Through a videoconference, they rejected Fernández’s request for house arrest. (Photo: courtesy Sobremesa de Noticias).

“We are still unjustly in jail for something we did not do, and it was not until 2019 that they told us that they did not give us any benefit because we did not take charge of the crime. But there are also innocent people in the prisons, ”Fernández pointed out, and his testimony was replicated by the Tucuman media. “What I want is to get out of jail, not be like hostage of the Penitentiary Service nor from Mrs. Liliana Argañaraz ”, he added.

The response he received via Zoom from the judge was overwhelming. “He is serving a sentence”said the magistrate. And he retorted: “Yes, your honor, but we have already exceeded the times that allow access to the benefit of conditional freedom.” The decision, however, had already been made and it was negative.

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For her part, Liliana, the victim’s sister, also asked to speak in the virtual audience and questioned: “The expert opinions indicate that they ended my sister’s life. Despite the 20-year sentence, they did not have empathy or repentance, they continue with the fury, with the evil of not say where the body is of my sister, in order to end the ordeal that not only my family lives, but the entire society of Tucumán ”.


“The sentence must be effective, there are no privileges, too many were these 14 years where they had a honeymoon inside the women’s prison, ”Argañaraz added in a radio interview, after hearing the court decision.

The disappearance of Betty Argañaraz

The teacher Beatriz Argañaraz disappeared on July 31, 2006, when she was going to work at Colegio San Francisco, in the Barrio Norte area of ​​Tucumán. According to the investigation carried out by the prosecutor Adriana Giannoni, the teacher was summoned before entering the school, through deception, to the department shared by the former novices Nélida Fernández, now called Marcos, and Susana Acosta.

With the advance of the case, it was found that precisely in that place they had beaten to death. Betty’s body never appeared.

In December 2009, a court sentenced to 20 years in prison for considering them guilty of the crime of simple homicide against the teacher.

“Have passed 14 years and almost six months that my sister disappeared, we have lived through many tremendous situations during these years, until the death of our mother, she died of sadness calling her her daughter ”, remembers Liliana, and concludes:“ The pain will always be there but we need to get Betty back, give that peace that we also need as a family, our wish is for my sister to rest and we to rest from this search ”.

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