the ex-wife of the actor, the daughter of Jeane Manson, Josiane Balasko and even Carla Bruni, everyone gets involved… and takes a scarf!

Incest accusations made by Coline, the eldest daughter of Richard Berry, continue to shake up the world of showbiz. It is true that his testimony is chilling. She explains in particular how her father would have forced her to kiss him with the tongue or the sexual games he would have practiced with her. But where does the truth lie? Richard Berry firmly denies any inappropriate gesture. Likewise, Jeane Manson, who was married to the actor in the 1980s at the material time, and who is also the subject of the charges, also defended herself, refuting all the accusations en bloc and speaking of settling scores of a daughter to her father.

And since, all the members of the Berry clan go there for their comment. Marilou Berry, daughter of Josiane Balasko and brother of Richard Berry, thus brought her support to her cousin. Coline’s mother, Catherine Hiegel, spoke for her part in the newspaper Le Monde, explaining that her daughter had kissed her on the mouth, with the tongue, when she was only a toddler. “I said to him, ‘What are you doing, are you okay? It’s for lovers, it’s not for mom. “And there, she answered me:” This is how daddy does it. ” I told him, “He’s wrong, you have to tell him.” I called his father and took a swarm of excruciating abuse. “And to add that she was always afraid of the actor when she lived with him, affirming to have been the victim of domestic violence. Blows that Richard Berry would recognize according to the daily.

But Richard Berry, now 70, can also count on support. In particular those of Shirel, the daughter of Jeane Manson, who shared Coline’s room at the time of the incident, when her mother was married to the actor. It is true that she is also implicated in the complaint filed in court, which affirms that Richard Berry and Jeane Manson invited “after their antics” Coline and Shirel, then little girls, for “sexual games”. On Facebook, Shirel thus expressed himself in a long message, in order to put an end to “the crazy situation that we have been living for 3 days”. “I was 5 to 7 years old when my mother lived with Richard Berry. », She explains« After these two years together, we did not see each other again with Coline. Except for almost a year when I met her in Israel. A month ago she started harassing me to confirm her lies. I never will. There were no inappropriate gestures from Richard. There was no sex play with him and my mom. Never. No abuse, no touching, nothing. Coline’s lies are unforgivable. In this matter, everyone can have an opinion, support a loved one. I was there with my mother as Coline attests. And I know Coline Berry’s accusations are false from the first to the last word. “

We are therefore witnessing a beautiful cacophony, a real war of the clans. And among the last to jump into the fray, Josiane Balasko, who was married to Richard Berry’s brother and who unambiguously supported his niece Coline in a post on Instagram. A message that generated… a reaction from Carla Bruni who in turn posted a comment: “Because you are sure that her father is guilty? »There, it is not only the Berry family who are tearing themselves apart, it is the whole world of showbiz who is starting to fall apart by taking a stand for the father or the daughter!


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