The excitement after the disappearance of Mika Englebert (La-Roche-en-Ardenne)

Mika Englebert was 37 years old.


Michaël Englebert died this Monday evening. The announcement of this unexpected disappearance causes a very strong stir, so much it was appreciated

Emotion, sadness, words were missing to many people, including Rochois, this Monday evening, at the announcement of the death of Michaël Englebert. Victim of a heart attack this Sunday morning, after his match with the Ortho reserve team, the team in which he played, and where he was a genuine “clubman,” Michaël Englebert, “Mika” has just left his family. Quickly, very quickly, many messages flourished on the web. Proof, if one was needed, that he was very appreciated, that he counted for a lot of people. Messages tinged with incomprehension, feelings of injustice but also which evoked many memories.


Michaël Englebert, he was a “good guy,” in the best sense of the term, a smiling face, a calm, composed, sympathetic person. A certain humor as well. A man for whom the word “service” was not in vain. A service that he willingly and voluntarily rendered, without putting himself forward, quite the contrary. The term “discreet” could be attributed to him without problem. Behind this discretion hid a more than endearing personality, whether in his leisure time as in his work. Employed at the “Coeur de l’Ardenne” Tourist Office, he was in charge of the “bicycle project”. There, his professional and human qualities were recognized by all.


Mika Englebert was part of the Rochois landscape and microcosm. As such, he was a “carnivalist” at heart. A member of the group “The Fifth Element,” he was one of the linchpins. Michaël Englebert did not balk at the task in this context and his expertise was listened to. But behind his professional life, his social life, Michaël Englebert dedicated a real “cult” to his family. And more particularly to his partner, Laura, and his two daughters. Mika Englebert was born in March 1984. Today, many and many are those who mourn a son, a brother, a companion, a dad, a colleague and a friend.

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