The exciting version of “Sweeney Todd” sung from their homes by the Spanish cast

On April 6, 1995, twenty-five years ago, the Spanish production of the musical “Sweeney Todd” by Stephen Sondheim, one of the masterpieces of the genre, premiered in Barcelona and in Catalan. The show was directed by Mario Gas, and his brother Manuel Gas took over the musical direction.

To remember that date, and despite the confinement, the performers of that production -musicians and actors / singers- have “gathered” around their respective computers or mobile devices to record an exciting version -in Catalan- of “The ballad of Sweeney Todd », the initial number of the work.

Thirty-five interpreters participate in the video. The twenty-four actors / singers are Xisca Caules, Meritxell Coma, Joan Crosas, Esteve Ferrer, Marta Fiol, Antonio Galindo, Abel García, Joe L. Garrigó, Mario Gas, Oriol Genís, Belén Marcos, Xavier Mestres, Pep Molina, Ingrid Morral, Jordi Muixí, Andrés Navarro, Kirby Navarro, Vicky Peña, M. José Peris, Pedro Pomares, Xavier Ribera-Valls, Muntsa Rius, Teresa de la Torre and Teresa Vallicrosa.

The musicians who intervene are Miguel A. Cordero, Jaume Cortadellas, Josep Gomariz, Saki Guillem, Ernest Manchón, Jesús Martínez, Quim Ollé, Pep Pladellorens, Guillermo Prats, Pau Solà and Ramón Vilalta.

The video has an introduction by Mario Gas, who says that it is recorded “one by one, one by one, from the houses in which we are all confined, confined, confited and confited.” He addresses the author, Stephen Sondheim, and speaks of the video as “a collective celebration”; Gas has an emotional memory “for those who are no longer there”: Manuel Gas, Constantino Romero, Tony Cruz, José Antonio Gutiérrez “Guti” and María Araujo.

The recording has reached Stephen Sondheim himself, who sent an email to the company: “Thank you, thank you! -Wrote the musician, who a few weeks ago turned 90 years old-. In times as terrible as these, it is heartening to know that there are still people singing. Thankful and happy, Steve S. »

“Sweeney Todd, the Devilish Barber on Fleet Street” premiered in New York on March 1, 1979, starring Len Cariou and Angela Lansbury. The script is by Hugh Wheeler, and is based on a Christopher Bond play. He won eight Tony Awards and soon became one of the most iconic titles in musical theater; Due to its quality, some critics consider it a contemporary opera, and in fact it has been presented in its forty years of life in various opera houses.

The Spanish production had as protagonists Constantino Romero -who would later be replaced by Joan Crossas-, as Sweeney Todd, and Vicky Peña, as Mrs. Lovett. .

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