The exercises you should do to lose weight if your metabolism is slow

You have heard numerous times about the metabolism, although you may not know very well what people mean when they talk about has slow or fast. Actually, we mean by it metabolic rate, which is the way that our bodies get energy they need the food to convert it into the fuel we need to all our activities.

A slow metabolism makes it difficult to lose fat, because that same fat makes it difficult acceleration of metabolism. The ideal, therefore, would be to convert that excess fat into muscle, but you will say to yourself: “If I have a slow metabolism, there is nothing I can do to change it, it is genetic.” Error, as the doctor explains Holly Lofton in ‘Pop Sugar‘, that endless cycle can break with some tricks which are not very complicated.

But, first of all, do you have the slow metabolism? Generally shorter people tend to have it, Lofton says. If in doubt, you can measure your metabolic rate by going to dietitian or even in some gyms. For this reason, it is important that, if you are thinking about losing weight, you go to the nutritionist, as he will be the one to tell you which diet is the most appropriate for you after measuring your waist and taking the test.

Caloric deficit

Ok, you’ve already assumed that you have a slow metabolism and you want to get with it for lose weight, especially abdominal fat. The first priority, whether you like it or not, will be to eat fewer calories than you burn, which is why it is so important not lead a sedentary life and exercise. Dr. Lofton recommends reducing about 250 calories a day to start, although, yes, make sure you eat more than 1,200 per day, because if you do not you will feel tired and you will probably increase your cravings and your hunger.

To speed up the metabolism you must start doing cardio exercise and combine it with a caloric deficit in your diet

Decrease slightly food intake it has, of course, positive effects. You will start to lose fat, although it is not necessarily in your belly, because it is very difficult to do it in a localized way, but by reducing it as a whole, you will begin to see results around the abdomen. Thus, your metabolism will also start to speed up.

What to eat

Reducing what you eat is all very well, but sometimes some people can feel a little lost because they do not know well what foods they are allowed and which ones are not. Generally, healthy fats and proteins take longer to digest in the body, and you spend more energy doing so. Building muscle is the best way to speed up metabolism, but these foods might help you too.

Healthy fats, so you have no doubts, come from food as nuts, fatty fish, avocado, or olive oil. As for protein sources, it is best that you opt for chicken, turkey, lentils, or tofu.

The exercise

Increase physical activity is vital, as well as reducing caloric intake. Through strength training you will get speed up metabolism, building muscle, but to reach the goal of lose belly fat, Lofton recommends starting with cardio: “It’s easy to lose weight when you’re physically active.” We have said it ad nauseam but we repeat it, combine strength and cardio it is very important to achieve the weight you crave. Any type of exercise is useful to start: walk more, climb stairs, move. When you snort to the point where it is difficult to carry on a conversation is when you are doing something new.

Once you have lost weight, you should add strength exercises to build muscle, as it will help you speed up your metabolism effectively

Training to high intensity intervals it is a good option, as it has been shown to help you lose fat, especially visceral (the one around the organs and it is very dangerous as it can lead to health problems). Day by day, together with a healthier diet, you will notice changes and you will perceive that you feel better and that you have a greater capacity to continue with the exercise. Above all do not stay in the comfort zone.

And the strengh

We carry the whole article repeating it, but build muscle will help you speed up metabolism and, therefore, to lose weight. When you notice that you have lost half the weight you were aiming for, the doctor recommends that you start with strength training: “The caloric deficit and cardiovascular exercises will help you lose fat, but increasing muscle mass will be even more effective, “he says.” your basal metabolic rate, your body will burn more calories at rest. ”

As you can see, weight loss is simply based on a simple combination of exercise and diet that anyone can carry out. The only real problem is daring to carry it out and fulfill it. Maybe if you visualize the summer that comes with a body of scandal makes it easier for you make the effort.

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