the expected time this Sunday, May 30 in Morocco

Here is the weather forecast for Sunday, May 30, 2021, established by the General Directorate of Meteorology:

– Unstable clouds with rain or stormy showers on the Atlas, the Oriental and the south-eastern slopes, which may affect the interior plains and the Center regions.

– Scattered and sometimes stormy waves in the interior of the southern provinces.

– Sky little to transient cloudy elsewhere.

– Moderate to weak easterly wind over the Mediterranean and the Tangiers, southerly over the South-East and north to west elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of around 11/16 ° C on the reliefs, the Mediterranean and the Central coasts, 21/26 ° C on the southern and South-eastern extremes and 16/21 ° C elsewhere.

– Maximum temperatures of the order of 22/27 ° C on the reliefs and the coasts, 27/32 ° C on the Atlantic plains, the plates of Ulmès and the west of the southern provinces, 32/37 ° C on the ‘Oriental, the Saiss, the plains to the West of the Atlas, the Souss and the South-East slopes and 37/42 ° C on the South and South-East extremes.

– Beautiful sea to little choppy on the Mediterranean, little choppy to choppy on the Strait and along the Atlantic coast.

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