The Externado is there to provide accompaniment and contribute to the proper exercise of the country’s legislative function

The Externado de Colombia University, represented by the Department of Constitutional Law, successfully closed the ‘Advanced Training Course in Parliamentary Affairs’.

The primary objective of this program was to provide the legal and technical instruments for the good exercise of the functions of the Congress of the Republic in its two chambers, for which it was directed especially to congressmen, members of the Legislative Technical Units and the secretaries of the Commissions, who make up the legislative body of the Colombian State.

The Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, insisted that this type of program is of the utmost importance so that not only those who are an active part of the Congress of the Republic, but also the general public have a deeper and more technical knowledge of the functioning of power. legislation in the country.

“Parliamentary law is something that almost goes unnoticed in law schools, and in our country it is an issue that should have the greatest relevance, since the fine print of democracy is in the functioning of the legislature,” he said.

And he added, “making a law is not an easy thing, therefore, through the norms of the parliamentary regulation, sufficient guarantees are provided so that there is deliberation, consensus and disagreement among those who come to the corporation to represent our millions of Colombians”.

For his part, Guillermo Giraldo, former Secretary General of the First Committee of the Senate, argued that this type of space provided by the Externado is extremely important for the work of congressmen and the legislature in general to be increasingly qualified. .

“We need to improve to legislate, we are ignoring the Constitution and for this reason we have to look at how we improve and what alternatives we find so that Congress has fewer shortcomings in this regard. The only University in the country that was concerned about this issue was the Externado, for this reason I thank this institution for always having a place for parliamentary law to advance and that contributes to strengthening democracies, ”he said.

Gregorio Eljach, Secretary General of the Senate, indicated that this program marked a paradigm in the study of parliamentary law, since it opened the doors of a deeper and more technical knowledge of how this legislative body works.

“With this course, a way of understanding those of us who survive in the midst of politics and Congress and those who build knowledge and make new ideas from academia has been marked. The intention of the Center for Higher Legislative Studies is to make the Congress of the Republic obtain independence and autonomy from the other branches of public power and control agencies, by approaching knowledge, the science of constitutionalism and parliamentary law ” , accurate.

Finally, the director of the Department of Constitutional Law, Humberto Sierra Porto, indicated that training programs like this one reaffirm the commitment of public institutions and academia, with the promotion of research and production of knowledge for our country.

“Since the Congress of the Republic is the body called upon to debate and make decisions about the future of the country, it is the duty of the academy to provide support in an attempt to contribute through ideas and research, to the proper exercise of the legislative and control, which will bring benefits for the whole society”, he concluded.

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