the Face Time Bourbon trotter wins the Prix d’Amérique

The French trotter Face Time Bourbon, the favorite party, won the Prix d’Amérique on Sunday at the Paris-Vincennes racecourse, retaining his title of world champion in harnessed trotting.

Winner already last year, Face Time Bourbon, driven by the Swede Björn Goop, beat Davidson du Pont piloted by Jean-Michel Bazire, who finished 2nd for the second consecutive year in this race created in 1920.

Third place in this legendary event, opposing the eighteen best horses on the planet, went to the young 5-year-old Gu d’Héripré led by Franck Nivard.

No clamor when the trotters set off after two false starts, only a few riders were stationed behind the gates.

Once the flying start was validated, they left for a little more than three minutes of racing on the selective course of 2,700 meters of the large track.

Face Time Bourbon ensured his departure, Björn Goop placing him in a good position behind the back of the host, the Swedish Power.

In the plain, the train accelerated when Bahia Quesnot took over in the lead followed closely by Face Time Bourbon, Power still there, and in particular Délia du Pommereux under the orders of Eric Raffin.

At 800 meters from the goal, shortly before the intersection of the tracks, Björn Goop lying on his sulky overtook Bahia Quesnot to slip away towards an easy success as soon as he entered the straight line.

“This one, he is not like the others. I am happy to have the possibility to lead such a horse! It is a great emotion. He was magnificent!”, Declared Björn Goop at the microphone of Equidia, which signs a third success in the race.

“It’s easier to win with such a horse, it’s calmer and easier than before,” he added, hailing “an impressive teamwork”.

His trainer Sébastien Guarato found the race very tactical. “Björn had a great drive, he made the difference!” he said, rejoicing at his success in this Prix d’Amérique which he won for the 4th time.

Thanks to this victory, Face Time Bourbon, six years old in the bay dress, brought back to his owners of Scuderia Bivans, including Antonio Somma present at the racetrack, the sum of 450,000 euros promised to the winner out of a total allowance of ‘one million Euros.

This edition will go down in annals for having run from empty stands due to the health crisis.

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