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On February 4, this notification ended up in the email inbox of Prime Minister Erna Solberg:

“The engines on this vessel that you were the godmother of have been delivered and maintained by Bergen Engines … New owners are as far as I can see in the Russian president’s circle. I think someone should check this to ensure that the kingdom’s security is not affected by the sale. “

The warning is there BT which has been obtained.

It came the same day as it was known that Bergen Engines is about to be sold to Russian investors. The engine factory at Hordvikneset in Bergen, has built the engines for the ship. They also have maintenance responsibility for certain parts of the engines.

The vessel referred to is the high-tech spy ship “Marjata”. It belongs to the Intelligence Service, and is used to monitor Russian activity in the Barents Sea.

The sale of Bergen Engines makes more people in the Storting worried about the safety of Norway.

BAPTISM: Prime Minister Erna Solberg christened “Marjata” when it was ready for Norwegian service in 2014.

Photo: Remi Sagen / NRK

– Do not be reassured

In addition to “Marjata”‘s engines, Bergen Engines has also built engines for several Coast Guard ships. The factory also has a maintenance agreement for them.

– Bergen Engines makes engines that are in ships that are important for Norway’s safety. Then it is important that that information does not go astray, said parliamentary representative Jette Christensen (Labor) to Dagsnytt 18 Today.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has said that they view the trade of the factory as a hall between two commercial players, write BT.

State Secretary in the ministry, Lars Andreas Lunde, wrote that the trade is “something the ministry should not or should not interfere in” to BT when the hall was known.

– I’m not sure if there is a plan for this. The uncertainty is not reassured by the statement to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, says Christensen.

She therefore thinks this is a matter for the Ministry of Defense.

Jette Christensen

UNREST: Jette Christensen (Labor Party) is uneasy about the hall.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

– Make the assessments that are to be made

– We make the assessments that are to be made, says Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) to Dagsnytt 18.

He believes the basis for the plan lies in the Social Security Act.

– We will look at whether the company is a main supplier or a subcontractor, and whether it has a status that means that it falls under the Insurance Act, says the minister.

Jette Christensen did not accept the plan. She also points out that it was a problem anyway, if Bergen Engines is covered by the Insurance Act.

– We have to look at the realities. The company repairs and repairs engines for the Armed Forces. It managed to be acquired by Russia’s largest railway company, says Christensen.

– This is something the Ministry of Defense should care about. We are working on that job now, Bakke-Jensen answers.

Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) in front of F-35 Rygge airport

MINISTER OF DEFENSE: Frank Bakke-Jensen wins The Ministry of Defense is in the process of assessing the hall.

Photo: Rune Fredriksen / NRK

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