“The Fair of Cali returns to the streets”

From December 25 to 30 it will return with more than 55 events designed for all ages and tastes. The director of Corfecali tells what will be the news for this year.

Argemiro Cortés is a social communicator graduated from the Universidad del Valle.  / Courtesy

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Argemiro Cortés is a social communicator graduated from the Universidad del Valle. / Courtesy

Argemiro Cortés is a social communicator graduated from the Universidad del Valle. / Courtesy

What will be the bet of this Fair of Cali 2021?

The good news is that the Cali Fair will be in person and will return to the streets so that all the cardinal points of the city can experience this celebration. The second thing is that it will promote the reactivation of the sector that has suffered the most in these almost two years: the creative and cultural sector of Cali, which is why the focus will be on local and national talent. The third thing is that the Fair will have more than 10 thousand artists in 55 events, 54 of them with free admission and six with streaming transmission.

Why is the Cali Fair 2021 a joy that inspires? Where did that slogan come from?

In a study carried out by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 2019, it was found that the Cali Fair is remembered by the public for the joy that characterizes the event. We wanted to take up this perception and add it to the strategy of the Ministry of Culture “Cali, a whole town that inspires”, which was launched to leverage the festivals that will be held in the city this end of the year. The Cali 2021 Fair is an opportunity for the city to be reborn, after a period of difficulties caused by the covid-19 and by social movements. It is time to exorcise death and sadness, it is time for union, celebration and reconciliation, to live an event in healthy coexistence, respecting differences and recognizing our cultural plurality.

What will be the novelties that the Cali Fair will have this year?

One of our important focuses this year is inclusion. We want all the areas of Cali and the populations to feel that they belong to this Fair. That is why we are going to have “Gran Verbena Salsera del Oriente”, a program that will include leaders, entrepreneurs and artists from this area of ​​the city, who will offer free training events, concerts, dance shows, among others, declaring the east of Cali as a territory of peace and coexistence ..

The Fair returns to the presence, what other outstanding events will be seen this year?

The Fair this year wants to take to the streets. The South-eastern highway, with 1,200 meters, where there will be a grandstand section, with a ticket office, and another with free entry; There we are going to have two concerts, one tropical and the other salsa, and we will have four parades: the “Salsódromo”, with the participation of 2,500 artists who will demonstrate why Cali is the world capital of salsa; “The party of my town”; Old cars, and the “Cali Viejo” parade. The “Rural and Community Fair” with 37 concerts in communes and townships, the “Andean Day” and the “Pacific Day”, to live a tribute to our roots. In addition, apart from salsa, we will have concerts of other genres such as jazz, blues, llanera, the urban party, among others.

How is the process to select the artists who will participate in the Fair?

For the selection of the artists who will participate, public calls have been opened that are being evaluated by a team of juries that were selected by the artistic associations of the city. The 40 salsa schools, 90 pairs of dancers from the old guard and the 30 comparsas for “Cali Viejo” have already been chosen. At this moment we are in the selection of 10 schools for dancing children. In addition, we are selecting the orchestras and musical groups that will participate, where 760 performed and 150 will be chosen.

What is the impact of the Cali Fair for the city?

The Cali Fair is a true engine that strengthens the economy that directly generates about 30 thousand jobs. According to a study by the Javeriana University, the Fair generates an economic impact of more than $ 400 billion in the different economic sectors of the country, thanks to the more than one million attendees that this event has received in its last face-to-face editions. This year, taking into account the consequences caused by the pandemic, the Fair is betting on the economic reactivation of the city and the country for the benefit of large, medium and small companies, in the cultural, hotel, gastronomic, transport sectors, among others.

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