The familiar laughter of the Lunar New Year drama rekindled with joy and ease on the spring screen

The familiar laughter of the Lunar New Year drama rekindled with joy and ease on the spring screen

2022-02-24 20:19:48Source: Qilu Evening News

In the spring of this year, the amount of laughter on the screen seems to be extraordinarily loud, and a series of light comedies have brought joy to the audience. “Hot Holidays” clearly puts forward the concept of “New Year’s Eve drama”, and expresses that it will be a series of works; “Country Love 14” is about to come to an end, and the “Hometown Love” that has accompanied the audience for many years has become a “must have for the New Year” for many people. “Single Product”; the costume comedy “Washe Rivers and Lakes” starred by the team of Deyun Club, which continued the joyful atmosphere of “Zuofu” broadcasted in the Spring Festival last year; and the reloaded sitcom “Home and Everything is Prosperous”. These episodes all gather the same temperament of “New Year” – prosperous, bustling, noisy, returning to a group of harmony after laughing and cursing, and still laughing at life. Lunar New Year dramas may become a new form of film and television.

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Following last year, “Hot Holidays 2” is here again this year’s Spring Festival. Different from the story that happened in the “True Love Resort” in Sanya, Hainan in the first season, “Holiday Warm Ocean 2” sets its sights on the most “New Year” snow town in Northeast China, connecting the whole story with the Cheng family of five – Grandpa Cheng Sanmin (played by Ni Dahong) and grandmother Ma Chunmei (played by Ni Ping) live in the countryside in the northeast. The three children of the old couple usually go out and go home together during the Spring Festival. A series of happy and warm stories happened. The eldest daughter Cheng Man (played by Liu Tao) is a strong woman in the venture capital world, and the rich second-generation entrepreneur Kong Lingqi (played by Chen He) has followed her all the way to her hometown in the Northeast because of the “bad reviews”, and has become a hilarious and ironic friend; the youngest daughter Cheng Shu (played by Zhang Jia Ni) ornaments) returned to the hometown to run a homestay from Hengdian, and became a partner with the top student Liao Ran (played by Yang Jue) who came to “chasing the stars”; the eldest granddaughter Cheng Miao (played by Cheng Xiao) was frustrated in figure skating and turned from Found a new direction in life in the drone racing competition.

Director Yao Xiaofeng said that the “Hot Holidays” series tells the story of the Chinese New Year. “This atmosphere of family and love is what we yearn for.” The producer said that this IP will be made into a “New Year’s series drama.” “. From “Hot Holidays”, we can see the characteristics of the drama focusing on “New Year’s Eve”: easy decompression, warm healing, star interpretation, family joy.

In addition to “Hot Holidays” officially putting forward the concept of “Lunar New Year drama”, there are also many dramas broadcast in the Spring Festival, which also have the characteristics of “Lunar New Year”. For example, the “Country Love” series has been broadcast to the 14th part this year, and the story of Ivory Mountain is still talked about.

“Washer Rivers and Lakes” starring the team of Deyun Club was launched on the third day of the new year this year. Like “Zuofu” starring Guo Qilin in the Spring Festival last year, “Washer Rivers and Lakes” is also a costume comedy, suitable for the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. .

The sitcom “Family and All Things Prosperity” was a hit for the Lunar New Year drama. After “Party A and Party B” directed by Feng Xiaogang in 1997 became a “New Year’s film”, the short drama “Home and Everything” directed by Yingda was broadcast on the first day of the Chinese New Year in 1998, becoming the first Chinese New Year drama. On the first day of the new year this year, “Home and All Things Prosperity” is repackaged, still directed by Yingda, starring Cai Ming, Liang Tian, ​​Li Jianhua, Li Qi, Cao Yang, etc., and staged a short story in Beijing’s alleys.

Exploring Directions Not Just Comedy

After “Home and Everything is Prosperous” in 1998, there were also works such as “The Lanterns” and “Just Be Happy”. Since then, the concept of “New Year’s drama” has faded out of people’s attention. It was replaced by a series of “winter holiday dramas” to accompany the audience through the Spring Festival. The first part of “Family with Children” was broadcast on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year in 2005, “Wulin Biography” was broadcast before the Spring Festival in 2006, and the second, fourth and fifth seasons of “Love Apartment” all met the audience during the Spring Festival. Coupled with the “Country Love” series, these comedy works chose to appear in the Spring Festival stalls invariably, and in fact, they all played the role of “Lunar New Year”.

Like Chinese New Year films, Chinese New Year dramas are also inseparable from comedy elements. However, in order to create a Lunar New Year drama with a clear positioning, it still needs to be explored. Director Yao Xiaofeng said that the Spring Festival Gala is the object of reference for the “Hot Holidays” series. Just as the Spring Festival Gala integrates elements such as song and dance programs, cross talk, sketches, and folk art, “Holiday Warmth” is also hybrid, integrating the performances that the audience likes to see during the Chinese New Year. “Our play is a bit like a musical, a musical, a comedy sketch, and a feature film. How should these elements be matched? We are also exploring. We hope to pass the two-way test of the market during the exploration, and determine and improve the New Year drama model. .”

The Lunar New Year drama not only needs “all comedians”, but also reflects the fireworks and warm human touch of life in it. At the same time, it also needs to pay attention to reality and keep pace with the times. For example, in “Hot Holidays 2”, realistic elements such as rural revitalization, ice and snow sports, Internet celebrity economy, and native families are integrated into it. In “Home and Everything Prosperity”, attention was paid to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and emerging professions such as self-media bloggers, takeaway brothers, and online car-hailing drivers appeared, with humanistic care.

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