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The Boszes are a family that Due to the pandemic they left the life they knew in Budakeszi, a small city in the metropolitan area of ​​Budapest, in Hungary, to head out on an adventure on the water.

For a long time Domonkos and his wife Anna had in mind to carry out a project in which they could put aside their city lives, among other things, because from a very young age they were attracted to sailing. In fact, in 2009 they traveled together through much of the Mediterranean Sea.

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But this time they wanted to go further. The family set sail from a Croatian port in June 2020 and have been sailing the sea ever since.

They have a blog called ‘Sailing teatime’ which, according to Domonkos, “is named after the family custom of sitting down for tea and chatting.” In addition, they have a profile on Instagram and Facebook, in which they share their travel experiences and the places they know.

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The website and your social networks are your travel diary

They live the adventure accompanied by their two daughters, Katalin and Boróka, 8 and 6 years old respectively. Anna explained on the blog that the girls attend classes remotely and that they have done very well.

For his part, Domonkos set up a small office inside the ship to be able to dedicate time to his business in information technology (IT). Meanwhile, Anna helps her little ones with the study and steers the boat with the help of her husband.

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They have enough food to survive. In addition, they fish themselves and prepare their food, an activity that the girls enjoy very much.

“For me it is a fantastic experience to be able to spend much more time with my daughters, instead of arriving home late from work totally exhausted,” he said.

But venturing into the vast ocean can often mean going through extreme and high-risk situations as well, for although in most of their trips the tide has been gentle, they survived a situation of true terror.

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In the middle of the Atlantic they had to face a terrible storm that lasted six hours, a period that for them was like an eternity. Fortunately they got out of the situation well and now it is just a reminder of the devastating force that nature possesses.

Although, in principle, his trip was to escape the pandemic, Like any other person, they have to respect the biosecurity measures that have been implemented in each country.

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Tests are taken or quarantined as the case may be. All in order to stay healthy and respect the health of the residents of the places they visit.

They spent Christmas in Martinique, a Caribbean island that belongs to the Lesser Antilles. When you get there “We told the authorities that we only spent 16 days in the open sea and they accepted it as a quarantine”Domonkos said on the blog.

They are currently anchored in Marigot, a Caribbean island of Saint Martin, waiting to sail towards the Panama canal.. They have taken it easy, as security measures continually vary due to the development of the virus.

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So far they have been in Italy for a while, in the Canary Islands and have stopped on the East African coast to visit Cape Verde. From there they left to cross the Atlantic Ocean and disembark in the Caribbean.



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