The family of the baby who died in the accident with Mestan is not happy!

The good news, which makes the bereaved happy, comes before the start of the lawsuit against the father

The family of Mestan Edjrin, who died in the brutal accident with Lyutvi, has given birth to a new baby. This writes The good news comes before the case against the father starts.

Lyutvi Mestan and Ussein Ahmed enter the court in Kardzhali today. The pretrial hearing began at 2 p.m. They are facing Themis over the death of a 6-month-old baby in a severe accident near Zagorje.

Great joy in the family of the baby who died in the accident with Mestan

The incident happened on April 14, 2019 on the main road between Kardzhali and Makaza. The cars of the politician and the Ahmed family collided in the area of ​​the fork for the village. The girl died in the severe blow.

The district prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against Mestan and the child’s father for the second time in court, after the court returned the case to the state prosecution for elimination of irregularities.

The two are facing trial for causing death by negligence.

The father was driving the car above the speed limit for the section, he was not moving as far to the right as possible on the roadway. There was no child restraint system in the car.

According to the indictment, Lyutvi Mestan did not comply with the “Stop” sign, nor did he miss a car moving on the road with an advantage.

Exactly at 2 pm Lyutvi Mestan entered the court in Kardzhali.

The court proceeded with the case. The district magistrates in Kardzhali pointed out that there were no significant violations that could be remedied and the process could start in early April.

The first hearing will take place over two days – on April 5 and 6, with the examination of witnesses.

Later, the prosecutor’s office announced that today, February 24, 2021, the District Court – Kardzhali held a pretrial hearing in a case against L.M. and A.Yu., in respect of which an indictment was filed by the District Prosecutor’s Office-Kardzhali for causing the death by negligence of a 6-month-old baby in a traffic accident near the village of Zagorsko, district Kardzhali, on April 14, 2019, as the act was committed with independent complicity – a crime under Art. 343 para. 1, p. “B” above Art. 342 para. 1 of the Criminal Code.

By court order, the case is scheduled for hearing on April 5 and 6, 2021.



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