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Balenciaga is known as an ancient brand, founded by Spanish fashion designer Christopher Balenciaga, based in Paris, and specialized in high-end fashion.

It is popular because it is part of the Kering chain, which includes Gucci and Yves Sain tLaurent.

Balenciaga is known for its exciting shows, the latest of which was its most recent fashion show in Paris, the capital of fashion, which was in the mud as the company showed the latest fashion trends and strange designs.

But the problem began when the company published a collection of costumes for children, it was controversially promoted, such as a children’s toy packed with an inappropriate leather belt, or a picture of a child lying on the sofa in front of her empty glasses, which are usually used to drink wine.

Boycott calls

And the episode (11/27/2022) of the “Shabakat” program monitored the interaction of the Arab platforms with the images published by the Balenciaga company, where the activist Basma called for a boycott of the company, saying, “The issue is not easy, and these campaigns are just feeling the pulse of the street. They see how society perceives, looks and behaves.” We must strongly deny and boycott as well.”

In turn, Alaa believes that it is necessary to launch campaigns that lead to the bankruptcy of the company, so she wrote, “Balenciaga should declare bankruptcy or its shares will decline after the scandal, at the very least.

For her part, Latifa Mohammed Al-Muhaini rejected the company’s apology, and demanded a serious stand with it, and said, “Balenciaga … the amount of disgust is not normal, an unacceptable apology, and an excuse worse than guilt. We need a serious stand when the issue is communicated to children.”

As for Ali Al-Ajmi, he denied any connection to the company with fashion.

The company apologizes

After the campaign launched against the company, she deleted all her Instagram posts, removed the ad image from her website, and published an official apology, saying, “We apologize for any offense our campaign may have caused. Bear bags should not appear with children in this campaign. We strongly condemn the abuse.” children in any way and we support their protection.

The company also said it has filed a $25 million lawsuit against the producers of this campaign.

But the Italian campaign photographer, Gabriele Gallimberti, denied having a role in the campaign other than photography, and posted on his Instagram account, “As a photographer, I was only asked to light the specific scene, and take pictures according to my style as usual. The choice of objects shown is not in the hands of the photographer.”

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