the far right seizes the challenge of the health pass

In the aftermath of regional elections marked by the decline of the National Rally (RN) and after a year and a half of health crisis that left little room for opposition, the extreme right sees in the anger that followed the announcements of July 12 d ‘Emmanuel Macron the opportunity to get back in the saddle.

At the RN, we are careful about the tone. For training as for its presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, it is a question of channeling anger without appearing to jeopardize the institutionalization of the party. In the demonstrations of opponents of the health pass and vaccination that took place Saturday, July 17 across France, no trace of the members of the governing bodies of the RN, therefore: the image is too risky.

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Instead, we favor weak signals: here, Louis Aliot retweets opponents of the “#DemocraticRegression” ; dome Le Pen is relaying a column by François-Xavier Bellamy (Les Républicains) denouncing the attack on fundamental freedoms. All are careful to concentrate the attacks on the field of freedoms, avoiding references to the Shoah and the yellow star in the processions, which provoked outrage, as well as any questioning of the vaccine. On this point, the RN maintains the vagueness: if the president of the party does not declare itself hostile to it, she does not call on the French to be vaccinated either.

Philippot poses as a leader

In the street, it is therefore rather the satellites and the marginalized of the extreme right that we find alongside the demonstrators, like Florian Philippot, ex-number two of the National Front who fell in disgrace and left, in 2017, found his own party, Les Patriotes. The health crisis was an opportunity for Mr. Philippot, in electoral trouble, to seize, through social networks, an outrageous speech, flirting with conspiracy. After calling on the French to “Burn their masks”, the self-proclaimed leader of “Forces of freedom” makes the health pass its new hobbyhorse and regularly compares it to the Chinese regime’s mass surveillance.

It was he who organized the “Historical parade” of July 17 in Paris, which he took care to decorate with banners in the colors of his party proclaiming ” FREEDOM “, accompanied by a “With Florian Philippot” more discreet. Also present was Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, president of Debout la France! and former ally of Marine Le Pen. Already in the campaign for 2022, the deputy for Essonne invited on Saturday on a video a person vaccinated to tear in front of the crowd his QR code in the name of equality.

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