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The far right Zemmour launches “the reconquest” of France

Eric Zemmour was enthusiastic this Sunday before his followers. / c. hartmaNn / reuters

Thirteen thousand disenchanted ultras congregate on the outskirts of Paris at the first rally of their campaign for the country’s presidency

The far-right candidate for the Elysee, Eric Zemmour, launched this Sunday “the reconquest” of France with his first presidential campaign rally, held in Villepinte, on the outskirts of Paris. Reconquête (Reconquest) is precisely the name he has chosen for the new political movement with which he wants to win in April 2022.

“The power had decided it, the journalists had wanted it, the right had accepted it: the next election should be a formality for five more years of macronism,” he told 15,000 followers. Everything is allowed against me. My opponents want my political death, journalists want my social death and jihadists want my death, simply, “added Zemmour, who denied being a racist, fascist or misogynist, as claimed by his opponents and the press.

His political project to “save France” proposes zero immigration, culture of merit and effort at school, abolition of inheritance tax, elimination of citizenship by birth for the children of immigrants, expulsion of foreign criminals and departure from the territory Gaul of the NATO military command.

«Our identity»

For Zemmour, the Villepinte rally will mark “the beginning of the reconquest of the most beautiful country in the world.” «It is launched. The reconquest of our economy, the reconquest of our security, the reconquest of our identity, the reconquest of our sovereignty, the reconquest of our country, “he said while about 13,000 enthusiastic followers shouted” Zemmour, president. Zemmour president ”and chanted ‘La Marseillaise’ among hundreds of tricolor flags.

Pécresse, candidate of the traditional French right to the Elysee

Jean, a 57-year-old surgeon, is convinced of his victory. He doesn’t think he’s far-right. In his opinion, “he is a man of the right who respects the country, its history, its culture. And that he wants there to be continuity in the culture of France. That continuity is very important. What the others propose is a submission to things that do not correspond to our culture and our history, “says this citizen, who previously voted for Nicolas Sarkozy and Marine Le Pen.

Judging by the public that attended his first campaign rally, Zemmour seems to have a lot of appeal among the young people, who are very numerous in the room. “I believe in him. I believe that with him France can go back to being what it was fifty years ago or even earlier. And that he can repair all the evil that Mitterrand and the entire left have done for decades ”, explains Máxime, 24 years old. This chemical technician is convinced that Zemmour can win the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron, in the second round “if all French patriots wake up.”

Clash between part of Zemmour’s security team and members of SOS Racismo. / reuters

Alterations between followers and members of SOS Racismo

Several members of the SOS Racismo association who interrupted Zemmour’s speech this Sunday with cries of “no to racism” were attacked by militants and members of the security team, who expelled them from the room.

In addition, coinciding with the rally, some 2,200 people protested in Paris against the extreme right and the candidacies of Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, president of the National Regroup. “Zemmour get out, Paris is not yours,” shouted the protesters, who denounced the candidate’s “racist” speech.


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