The fastest way to promote your Instagram account and launch the process of its natural scaling

Instagram is one of the most in-demand tools for commercial aims, where no geographic restrictions and binding to certain niches exist.  The effective promotion of this platform is a key task for many online entrepreneurs.  In this article, we will consider why you should buy Instagram followers at the start and how to use this tool as effectively as possible.
Why is Instagram a profitable solution for developing your projects?

Instagram is growing at a great pace.  In this social network a huge number of people with high involvement are oriented and every year new users are added. The platform is universal for any niche and has different audience segments: schoolchildren, students, executives of large companies, creative class, experts from various fields, online entrepreneurs. Geographical boundaries are erased and the platform connects people from different parts of the world. Because of this, promotion on Instagram is always a win-win option.

The big advantage of Instagram is that it is sales-oriented. This is a large-scale market for clothes, cosmetics, info-products, etc. An important trend in modern online shopping is sales through entertainment. Instagram vividly implements it as people like selling content that is interestingly presented. On Instagram, a purchase from a specific person is preferable. People trust opinion leaders more than companies. So developing a personal brand will always be a strong competitive advantage.

An important plus of Instagram is its multi-format. There is a wide range of communication formats: through text, in short Stories, in long series of Stories, you can communicate with the audience using live broadcasts, provide information through video, etc. Multi-format allows people to create different sales funnels and convey information more colorfully and emotionally.

How to create a fast start in the promotion?

Recruiting an initial audience is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire promotion process. Until you have subscribers, organic growth mechanics don’t work, and you cannot rely on the algorithms. You cannot engage in mutual PR and exchange announcements with other bloggers. Marathons and contests will also work poorly. Now an effective solution to this task is the purchase of subscribers.

By buying an audience, people optimize routine processes, which, as a rule, bring slow results and are currently ineffective. Old rules stop working and fast results are important for effective promotion.

Increasing profile activity is important for a social network to rank you better. For many people, Instagram is a search engine like Google. It’s more effective to find specialists because you can get to know their activities through a personal brand. By raising activity, you enhance the method of attracting customers through organic search.

Buying followers is in great demand, so there are a huge number of companies on the market that approach this issue professionally. There you can buy real Instagram followers, whose activity appears naturally and does not contradict the rules of the social network. 

Moreover, the services provide an opportunity to comprehensively package the profile and raise various popularity indicators.

How to pack a profile before raising activity?
The first step of any promotion strategy is the quality preparation of the profile. Your Instagram is the face of your business. The way your profile is designed, what content you have, what you broadcast in Stories, the quality of your photos, how well your profile description is designed – it all has a very strong influence on promotion. If you have a well-designed account, it becomes attractive to people. This affects audience retention and conversion into subscribers or customers.

If you are just starting, you have to think about how you will position yourself. To make the most profitable use of your time and resources is better to narrow your specialty. This will determine whether your customers come to you or not.

Instagram is a business that, first should benefit people. Therefore, it is important to form content following your audience’s expectations.

First, focus on the objectives of the audience. Each business has its tasks:  to buy inexpensive real estate, to lose weight, to set up targeted advertisements, etc. Based on that you should create masterclasses, training materials, life hacks,  broadcasting the maximum value for the potential client.

Second, highlight the problems of your audience. In this case, recommendations should be made to help solve these problems.

Thirdly, neutralize the fears of your customers. People are afraid to overpay, face an unprofessional approach, to be cheated. So it is important to create content that allays these fears.
Other Instagram promotion methods

One of the most popular promotional tools is targeting. It is the ability to show advertisements only to your target audience segment. If you know how to set up an advertising cabinet and understand how everything works, you can run an ad in half an hour. Targeting is well scalable and predictable. The main disadvantage of this method is financial investments. Every day, targeting advertising is getting more expensive, and if you do not know how to set it up qualitatively, the advertising budget will be lost. 

The second effective promotional tool is advertising on bloggers. It is a tool with which you can attract a loyal audience. These are the people who trust a blogger, come on his recommendation, and they are more disposed to buy. There are special exchanges where you can search for bloggers and see their approximate statistics. Another way to find bloggers is Telegram bots.  The main disadvantage of the current method is that it is very difficult to find a good blogger for advertising. You need to spend a lot of time and effort. In addition, the result of such cooperation is not predictable. Despite the cons, targeted advertising and advertising in bloggers are effective tools today in terms of investment, effort, and result.

To sum up, purchasing followers is an effective method to generate primary results and get your profile in a competitive position. For quality results, it is necessary to delegate this task to professionals and use this tool not as a panacea, but as one of the components of the promotion strategy.

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