‘The fate of a common cat’, by Álvaro Pombo

A retired colonel lives with his grandson and a cat, while the middle generation is mired in the confusion of the present time.

Caesar Coca

Colonel Ybarra leads a peaceful existence in his large apartment in the center of Madrid. There he resides with his grandson, both cared for by a housekeeper. And accompanied by a black cat. His life is orderly and moderately happy. The same cannot be said for the child’s parents, a broken couple after his infidelity – who has had another child as a result of that relationship – but broken above all by infinite boredom, by a disorientation that seems the sign of the times.

While grandfather and grandson share an existence without major problems no shocks, Manuel has approached 40 years in the worst conditions. You have lost your job – it is a consequence of having hooked up with a co-worker-; wastes time in uninteresting occupations and newly minted friends who introduce him to an environment more typical of rogues than of a wealthy lower bourgeoisie; He lacks professional and family horizon and does not know how to treat his children: the one who had the fruit of his marriage, who lives with his father, and the extramarital, who lives with his mother.

Álvaro Pombo paints the current reality to portray what is sometimes nothing other than unbearable lightness. As he outlines his characters, who become familiar to the reader, he makes us understand their little miseries and their no greater greats. That is one of the virtues of Pombo’s literature: that its characters are extraordinarily human..


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