The fate of Pilu Magali, Marcella Zalianty’s child, is revealed, Ananda Mikola panics and is afraid

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.IDMarcella Zalianty reported that Magali had brain tumor since toddler.

Marcella says Ananda Mikola more panicked and even scared.

Yes, it is known when the household ark Marcella Zalianty with racer Ananda Mikola far from bad gossip.

Well, married since 2010, the two have been blessed with two handsome sons, Kana Mahatma and Ayrton Magali Sastra.

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Even recently, the player of the film Brownies told about Magali’s health.

The 41-year-old actress always pays more attention to her second son.

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“I can’t take my eyes off Magali.

Yes, because what he experienced was not something normal, he looked sick, how many days did it decrease, but he could be healthy, cheerful today, but the next day he vomited or something, so it could be really surprising,” he explained. Marcella Zalianty, quoted from TS Media’s YouTube channel.

Marcella told before knowing that her second son had brain tumor.

As reported by Sunday (1/8/2021), this article has been aired on with the title Magali has had a brain tumor since she was a toddler, Marcella Zalianty says that Ananda Mikola is more panicked: she is afraid.

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