The father had no blessing, Sandra Dewi was married to Harvey Moeis

JAKARTA, – Role artist Sandra Dewi said that his father did not approve of his relationship with Harvey Moeis.

Because at that time, Harvey paid less attention to Sandra because he had to take care of his sick father.

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“My father feels all this time when he meets his son’s girlfriend he is like ‘Wow, my child is a good kid’,” said Sandra Dewi in a vlog on Daniel Mananta Network, quoted by, Friday (25/8/2020) .

“I failed many times so my father felt, oh he was afraid I would fail again, because I just started dating, I have rarely been addressed,” he continued.

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Sandra said, his father asked him to think again when he would have a more serious relationship with Harvey.

“He’s rich duh, this person can make my child happy or not, huh. My butt started to say to me, ‘You have to think about it again, are you sure not? Yes, it’s only natural that my father thinks like that because it’s a shame, “he said.

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Until finally Sandra and Harvey both prayed to pave the way for their relationship.

Sandra and Harvey try to accept the situation and fight to maintain their relationship.

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The two of them officially became husband and wife in 2016. Their wedding was held like a royal party in a fairy tale.

Now, Sandra and Harvey have two sons, namely Raphael Moeis who was born in 2017, while Mikhael Moeis in 2019.


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