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Teleworking has generated more than one problem for parents who must carry out their duties with their children at home. Thus predicted, in 2017, the political scientist Robert E. Kelly who was interrupted by his little ones while giving an interview for the BBC, when the covid-19 pandemic did not yet exist. The expert reappeared in the media, although now with a campaign for Twitter in which he makes fun of having become an “international meme.”

Three years ago, while the scholarly scholar was talking about the political situation in South Korea, he was interrupted in his office first by his dancing daughter Marion, 4 years old, and then by his youngest son James, 8 months, who entered his walker.

And to make the scene even more comical, after the children the mother appeared running desperately, Kim Jung-A, who between gentle pushes and trying to go unnoticed in front of the camera, managed to get them out of the frame.

On this occasion, Kelly was contacted by Twitter to star in an advertising campaign on “unwanted interruptions” (in which, we already know, he has experience) and to publicize the new tools of the social network to manage conversations.

From the platform explain Now you can choose who can reply to a certain tweet. By default, you will see the Anyone can reply option next to a world icon in the box to post a Tweet. If you click or press here before posting a Tweet, you can choose who can reply to you ”, they detail.

They add that the other options are “all”, which is the default; “People you follow”; and “only the people who are mentioned” in the shared post. They explain that, in any case, users will still be able to interact with the writing with the ‘like’ button.

In the commercial video, Kelly appears in the same room and with the same clothes as the one used that time that became one of the funniest moments on television. “Some people know me as an international political analyst. But most of you know me as an international meme. Well, I know a thing or two about interruptions, ”says the expert in the images.

“And that is why I am here to talk about the new configuration of the conversation on Twitter,” he adds later, while explaining the functions of the social network and is again interrupted by his children (who are already quite grown) and his wife, a modern vacuum cleaner, and a group of flat earthers who begin to put up posters with the writing “the Earth is flat.”

You can watch the video below:


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