The father of the boy killed by electricity in a busy place in Sofia – Criminal spoke

The father of the 16-year-old boy who died after an electric shock told Nova TV about the incident. The child died after stepping on a shaft in a busy place in Sofia, where there was electricity. According to the father, the tragedy took place in seconds.

The boy was in front of me, we were coming home. There were two manholes that were not visible, no cables coming out. The child fell to his knees on his face. He said, “Dad, Dad.” Those were his last words. I went to see what had happened to him. He had no diseases, he was very healthy. When I started pulling it, I was electrocuted, “said Father Snezhan.

Meanwhile, it is still unknown who owned the shaft and cables that caused the boy’s death. Nearly 24 hours after the tragedy, the institutions pass the ball to who is responsible.

The prosecutor’s office with the latest data on the boy killed by electricity in Sofia


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