the FCC ready to take to the streets to protest

Félix Kabange Numbi.

Félix Kabange Numbi.

Reactions to Denis Kadima’s confirmation follow one another.

Following different voices of opposition to the Sacred Union, the Common Front for the Congo (FCC) of former President Joseph Kabila, now in opposition, in turn condemns President Félix Tshisekedi’s endorsement of Denis Kadima at the head of the CENI on Friday evening. It is ” unacceptable forcing “, According to one of its executives, who ensures that this coalition is ready to take to the streets until the DRC has a consensual Ceni:

The United Nations has also given its voice to the chapter. They prevent against any major political crisis with the risk of distracting attention from essential issues in the country.

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the United Nations Deputy Secretary General in charge of peacekeeping operations, on mission since Tuesday in the country, insists on a peaceful electoral process while the political crisis has worsened since this inauguration of Denis Kadima .

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