the fears of the Muslim community of Beni

A street in Beni, the provincial capital of North Kivu.

© REUTERS / Samuel Mambo
A street in Beni, the provincial capital of North Kivu.

The curfew decreed on Sunday June 27 first for two days after three bombings in the city of Beni is finally maintained until further notice. In addition, the activities of schools, markets and other businesses initially prohibited are again authorized. However, despite the measures announced by the authorities, concerns remain particularly within the Islamic community of Beni, which has lost two imams shot dead since the start of the year.

With our return correspondent from Beni, Patient Ligodi

The leaders of the Islamic community of Beni oppose acts committed in the name of Islam by ADF fighters. Because of this positioning, they say, they continue to receive intimidating messages from people who present themselves as part of the ADF. These messages reach them via SMS.

Abdoulaziz Basayi, secretary of the Islamic community of Beni, takes these threats seriously. “ If you neglect these messages, you will die. This is what we experienced with our two great sheikhs, peace to their souls. They had started receiving threats by text message. Death followed ».

These numbers have been identified and complaints against X have been filed. In this context, the city’s mosques are experiencing a decline in attendance. ” Fear has won over the faithful. Many of them prefer to pray at home. Some still come at 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock. The other two evening sessions are put together to free up the place in time ».

And during the prayer sessions, some devotees were identified to monitor movements, entrances and exits.

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