The federal government wants to promote patio heaters in gastronomy

Dhe patio heaters for gastronomy, which are banned in some cities and municipalities, are now even to be funded by the federal government in the corona crisis. “Even in the autumn and winter months, functioning outdoor catering is part of the solution,” said the Federal Government’s SME Commissioner, Thomas Bareiß (CDU), to the “Handelsblatt”. “That is why we not only want to enable patio heaters, but the purchase is even supported financially in the ongoing bridging aid II.” This should help the “badly shaken” gastronomy in this difficult time.

According to the latest plans of the Federal Ministry of Economics, the bridging aid for companies, which runs until the end of the year, is to be extended by six months until June 30, 2021. The ministry said on Saturday that outdoor catering in the winter months could be a way to keep operations going despite the increasing number of infections. “That is why, with Bridging Aid II, we will in future also be promoting measures for the temporary relocation of business operations to the outside areas. This means that the purchase of outer tents, radiant heaters, etc. can be subsidized in the future. “

According to previous experience, the risk of contracting the coronavirus is significantly greater indoors than outdoors. This is why many guests prefer to sit outside under patio heaters than in the living room. Gas-powered patio heaters and electric heaters, however, consume additional energy. At maximum output, a patio heater should emit up to 3.5 kilograms of CO2 per hour, with 40 hours a week up to four tons of carbon dioxide would be produced annually.

The Greens are also calling for the ban on patio heaters to be suspended. “I’m not a fan of patio heaters, but in times of pandemics you shouldn’t be more papal than the Pope,” said the Green economic politician Dieter Janecek of the “Handelsblatt”. “If the number of infections increases this autumn and winter, pubs, restaurants and cultural institutions are threatened with a massive wave of bankruptcies, so we should help pragmatically.”


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