The Federal Police agent who killed her baby and committed suicide was pregnant

Aquino with his son, in a photo posted this Sunday.

A dramatic episode occurred yesterday in the Barrio Pompeya area, jurisdiction of Merlo. In his house on 1500 Antequera street, Belén Elizabeth Aquino, 29, an agent of the Federal Police, assigned to the Security and Custody division, was found on her bed, dead shot with her two-year-old baby, also killed by a gunshot wound.

The baby, found on the lap of its mother’s body, had shot in the head. Aquino, on the neck. On the right hand of the PFA cash, a member of the 2016 force payroll, it was found a Bersa Thunder 9 millimeter pistol.

The hypothesis of the case, confirmed by police sources Infobae, indicates that Aquino he killed his baby and then took his own life.

a call 911 reported the incident to the nearby detachment of the Buenos Aires Police: it was ordered that the place be preserved so that experts can act. The Aquino’s mother was the one who discovered the bodies. He was in the front of the house at the time of the event. Was interviewed and stated that around 9 in the morning he heard two shots and quickly went to the bottom.

Aquino, in another photo of his networks.
Aquino, in another photo of his networks.

There was a previous message. In the middle of the morning today, two hours before taking his own life, Aquino uploaded a story to her Facebook account where she is seen with the boy on her bed. Throughout the weekend, he had also uploaded other stories to the social network where he was shown with the baby. The possible motive is still unknown.

In the case, the Functional Unit of Instruction No. 5 of Morón intervened, in charge of Claudio Oviedo. Immediately, he ordered an autopsy of the body: he discovered that Aquino was 20 weeks pregnant.

The prosecutor also received the link to the agent’s Facebook wall, with a constant between your messages: indirect references to a man, who could be your partner or ex-partner.

Facebook: the story published hours before the fact.
Facebook: the story published hours before the fact.

For now, the intentional homicide of the agent is ruled out given the first evidence of the fact. However, expertise is lacking. The prosecutor Oviedo ordered that the hands of mother and son be preserved for dermotest exams to be performed and thus confirm reliably if it was Aquino who fired. There is a peculiarity: Aquino was left-handed.

The Argentine Penal Code, on the other hand, punishes instigation of suicide. If Aquino’s partner or ex-partner subjected her to gender-based violence and led her to take her own life directly, then it can be charged in this way.

To prove or discard this, Oviedo ordered the UFED expertise to the Belén cell phone. What this analysis says will be key.

2019: another similar case in Merlo

Two years ago an investigation was opened into a case in Merlo that also involved a police officer and her children. On June 11, 2019, Claudia Daiana Lazarte, 28 years old, numerary of the Scientific Police of the Buenos Aires Police, was found dead in the driver’s seat of a Fiat Palio parked at the intersection of Caguazú and Gómez Fretes in front of Parque San Martín. In the back seat each with a bullet to the head, were their 4 and 7 year old children. The police officers who entered the car found the woman’s service weapon, a Bersa Mini Thunder Pro.

The incident occurred at five in the morning that day. Ezequiel D., Lazarte’s partner, who was not the father of the boys, was the one who, according to his own account, found the car with the bodies and called 911.

The initial qualification of the case in charge of the UFI N ° 3 of Morón was of “double homicide followed by suicide”, at the same time that suspicions arose from Lazarte’s family environment.


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