The Federation dismisses the appeal of the Sestao River and the Portugalete ends the competition leader

The soap opera for the first place in group IV of the Third Division seems to have come to an end. Portugalete and Sestao River they were in the standings, both with 56 points. The box jarrillero had the particular goalscoring to his advantage by beating the sestaotarras in Florida 4-1 and tied at Las Llanas 2-2. On the other hand, the green-black squad had the overall goalscoring in their favor, with a greater difference in goals than their adversary for first place. In the first instance, the Spanish Football Federation granted the first position to the Portuguese, giving priority to the particular goal scoring. The Sestao River filed an appeal on Thursday, but the RFEF has rejected the appeal of the green and black and thus confirms the leadership for the Portugalete.

The Sestao River based its appeal that «the classification must be determined according to the rules for single lap competitions», Since the second round had not ended due to the pandemic. In this area, the regulations of the RFEF contemplate that in single-lap competitions they decide “for the greatest difference in goals obtained and received, taking into account all the matches in the championship”.

However, the Federation has reflected in the statement that the fact of not having completed the league in full, “does not prevent it from being considered, for all intents and purposes, a competition where its first or regular phase is held by the league system by points to double lap and not a competition to a single lap, since, it would involve a modification of the format of the competition». For example, it indicates that the fact of playing a competition to a lap forces to dispute the matches in a neutral venue or with a previous draw. It also adds that “it is one of the cases that can have the least doubts” because the two corresponding matches between Portugalete and Sestao River have been held.

It is because of that the Appeal Committee the Sestao River has dismissed the appeal and validates the qualifying criteria established by the Single Competition Judge. Thus, the first four positions are occupied Portugalete, Sestao River, CD Vitoria and Basconia in that order. These four will be Basque teams facing each other in an express playoff with a single venue. For the moment, it remains to be seen if said headquarters will be Lezama, Zubieta or Sarriena.


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