News The feminine talent, protagonist of the III Festival of...

The feminine talent, protagonist of the III Festival of the Women «Unique»


Female talent will spread throughout the province of Toledo
, doubling the activities of the past year, thanks to the score of creative women who will participate in the III Festival of the “Unique” Women organized by the Diputación de Toledo, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Music, photography, poetry, exhibitions, theater, conferences and cinema will be distributed in 30 activities in 24 municipalities of the province.

The vice president of Education, Culture, Equality and Social Welfare, Ana Gómez, accompanied by the deputy of Education and Culture, Cristina Cebas, and the deputy of Youth, Laboratory and Health Promotion, Alicia Martín, has advanced this Thursday the acts of the third edition of «Unique», an initiative that seeks to make women visible and recognize their worth in all areas.

The activities to be carried out in Añover de Tajo, Azután, Bargas, Burujón, Camarenilla, Camuñas, Bayuela Castle, Cobisa, Escalona, ​​Esquivias, Garciotum, Illescas, Palomeque, Santa Olalla, Ocaña, Olias del Rey, Rielves, Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Sonseca, Torrijos, Villaminaya, Villasequilla, El Viso de San Juan, Yepes, as well as the city of Toledo, are scheduled between March 2 and 27, but the festival will officially begin on March 5 with the inaugural gala, that will take place in the hall of the Palace of the Diputación de Toledo, an act dedicated to extolling female talent in cinema, claiming the figure of great actresses, directors and female figures such as Lois Weber, Ida lupino or Alice Guy.

“We will meet many outstanding women in different technical and artistic roles through small monologues by the artistic director María Elena Diardes and Luis García,” said the vice president.

Inaugural gala
The gala will also be dotted with musical pieces such as «Lili Marlen» or «Think of me», soundtracks of great films, performed by Raquel Garcia Duque, Cristina Fernández, María José Sánchez, Aurora Garcia and Africa Gallego.

The Cultural Center «San Clemente» will dedicate its exhibition space in March to the creativity of two female painters: Mónica Jimeno, with the exhibition «Queens of victory taken to painting» and «See you in the blue», by Esther Aragón.

Also noteworthy is the photographic exhibition «Position yourself», created by Medicos del Mundo, which denounces and makes visible the trafficking of women and girls behind prostitution through testimonies.

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Poetry will have a great role in the festival. On March 2, with Rosana Acquaroni, in Villaminaya. On March 4, in the House of Culture of Burujón, he will read his poems Balbina Jiménez Domenech; On March 5 in Santa Olalla and on 12 in Palomeque, the poet Alicia Es. Martínez will be there, and in Camarenilla on March 6, María Ángeles Maeso will recite. On March 11, in Camuñas, there will be two poetesses, Luisa García Ochoa and Isabel de Miguel.

By the hand of Elena Román, María García Zambrano will be presented on March 20, in Rielves, while Monica Gabriel and Galan will be in El Viso de San Juan on March 27.

The narrative is also part of «Unique» thanks to Montserrat Calderón Martín, writer of La Puebla de Montalbán, who will present in Sonseca the book «Thinking about shrews».

Theater and cinema
The theater will also reach several municipalities. On March 7, at the Municipal Theater of Olías del Rey, “Confidences” and “Cherished by Fire” will be represented at the Cultural Center of Garciotúm on March 8.

Yepes will enjoy the music of Africa Gallego on March 8, and the Illescas conference hall will host a concert by Madrid singer Aurora Garcia & Bertraeyers on the 12th. Marina Blanoz and Ruth Pinel, based on soul and jazz, will remember performers and composers such as Nina Simone or Etta James, in Esquivias on March 14; in Ocaña, on the 15th and the 20th in Cobisa.

“The pimp short step, bad milk” by Mabel Lozano, will be screened in Santa Cruz de la Zarza on March 7 and on 10 in Torrijos.

The film «Evelyn», by Isabel Ocampo, will be seen on March 4 in Añover de Tajo and on day 9 in Villasequilla. .


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