News The Festival of Lights is looming in "relatively difficult...

The Festival of Lights is looming in "relatively difficult conditions"


1,200 police forces will be deployed each evening of the Festival of Lights of Lyon. – Bony / Sipa

  • The Festival of Lights of Lyon (5-8 December) will take place this year in a particular social context.
  • Authorities unveiled Monday the security device deployed for the event.

"It's getting harder and harder to organize parties." According to Gérard Collomb, the Mayor of Lyon, the organization of the
Enlightenment Festival (5-8 December) was akin this year to a puzzle, perhaps a little more complicated to solve than in previous years.

The event, which attracts between two and three million visitors each edition, will take place in "relatively difficult conditions". The festivities will be launched December 5, day of national strike and Act 56
"Yellow vests". Without neglecting the risk of "strong terrorist threats", according to Pascal Mailhos, prefect of the Rhône. "We have the security of the events and the evening the event. This complicates things, "adds the State representative who detailed on Monday the security system set up for the Festival of Lights.

1,200 police forces deployed each evening

At nightfall, nearly 1,200 police, military and rescue forces will be deployed on the ground to secure three well-defined perimeters: the peninsula, the Tête d'Or Park and its surroundings and the Fourvière hill . To which will be added 470 private security agents. Sixty-one anti-ram devices will be installed at the entrance of the perimeters to avoid any intrusion: semi-trailers, trucks, blocks of cement …

As in previous years, visitors will be invited to visit the site via 38 pedestrian access points. "There will be random searches, a control of the bags and controls at the exit of the subways … if the subways roll," warns Gerard Collomb. Because the risk of a strike on public transport on December 5 is not yet ruled out.

For the first time, an anti-drone brigade

Car traffic will be prohibited in all three sectors from 6 pm to midnight. Powered two-wheelers will not have access. Do not expect to travel by bike or electric scooters since the machines will be removed from sidewalks or access points for the occasion. As for parking, it will no longer be possible from 5 pm to 6 pm in areas that are closed to traffic.

"In parallel, we will increase the capacity of some car parks located on the outskirts. This will be the case for the Palais des Sports (Gerland) which will increase from 300 to 900 places and that of the Plain of the Games, which will have 300 additional places, "reveals Gérard Collomb.

For the first time, an anti-drone brigade of the gendarmerie will also be deployed the four days of the Festival of Lights to scramble and make them inoperable.




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