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The FGTB wants to organize a new national event in mid-December

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The FGTB has decided to organize a national demonstration in Brussels in favor of purchasing power during the week of December 12, said union spokeswoman Gina Heyrman on Thursday, confirming information from L’Echo. The exact date will be chosen based on the participation of the CSC, which will hold its national office on Tuesday.

The union wants to keep the pressure on the bosses and the government, after the interprofessional strike of November 9th. He hopes that the CSC and the CGSLB will follow suit.

“People tell us that they will not be able to pay the energy bills this winter, despite the measures taken by the government”, explains the president of the FGTB Thierry Bodson to L’Echo. “And the wage standard at 0% for 2, 4 or even 6 years, it really does not pass. So when in addition the bosses ask the government for an index jump, we have to hit the nail again!”

The socialist union adds that this demonstration will be followed by other actions and that a new strike is not excluded.

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