‘The Fiery Priest’, who gave Kim Nam-gil an acting award, returns to Season 2


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The drama’The Fiery Priest’ is produced in Season 2.

‘The Fiery Priest’ production company Big Ocean ENM announced on the homepage on the 6th, “The best hit of 2019, The Fiery Priest is returning.” The production company announced that the cast is undecided, and the scheduled broadcast date is 2022.

The SBS drama’The Fierce Priest’, which aired in 2019, is the content of Catholic priest Kim Hae-il (Kim Nam-gil) and Gu Dam Police detective Koo Dae-young (Kim Seong-gyun) pursuing a questionable case and conducting a joint investigation.

‘The Fierce Priest’ is a joint work by PD Lee Myung-woo, who directed the drama’Punch,’ and writer Park Jae-beom, who wrote the drama’Governor Kim’, and swept not only the workmanship but also the topic. The highest rating of’The Fiery Priest’ was 22%, and actor Kim Nam-gil, who played the main character, won the SBS Drama Awards that year.

In the last episode of’The Fiery Priest’, the phrase’We Will Be Back’ was inserted, raising expectations for Season 2. And two years later, as the production of’The Fiery Priest 2’was finally confirmed, the drama fans became angry. Currently, the homepage of Big Ocean ENM, the production company of’The Fiery Priest 2′ Traffic exceededYou are not even connected to it.

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  1. The fiery priest was the first K drama that I watched and it was during the lockdown of 2020 due to the pandemic. It made me admire the Korean drama for the excellent acting, the smart dialgue, and not one dull moment in the show. The chemistry between the cast was amazing, the directing was superb. The suspense was fantastic and the comedy parts were what I needed during the pandemic. I can’t wait for season 2 and a Big applaud to everyone worked on the series and thank you for the laughter, the tears and the warm hearting moments that you gave your audience ❤


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