The fifth time in 68 years .. The Queen of Britain addressed the people because of “Corona”

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Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of Britain, addressed a rare word to the British people, on Sunday, during which she calls on the British to show the same will shown by their predecessors and confront the challenge posed by the spread of the Corona virus in a high spirit.

The Queen will thank the health-care workers who stand at the forefront of the war on Corona, and recognize the pain their families are already suffering in, in the fifth special TV message he has sent to the country since she ascended the throne 68 years ago.

According to excerpts of the word published by Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth (93 years) will say: “I hope that in the coming years, everyone can be proud of how to respond to this challenge .. And those who come after us will say that the British in this generation were equally strong. Any of them. ”

Queen Elizabeth’s speech was recorded at Windsor Castle, where she lives with her husband Prince Philip, 98, and will broadcast at 1900 GMT.


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