The Figaro Letter of March 26, 2020

This morning: the situation in the nursing homes is tragic, caregivers are on the front line of the epidemic, and a report at the heart of the Ministry of the Economy.

Hello dear readers,

A technical problem prevented us from delivering the Letter to you on time and in its usual format. We apologize for this.

“At the end of a life, old age returns to nausea. Everything ends up being no longer listened to ”. These words of Albert Camus in The back and the place are unfortunately relevant given what is happening in our Ehpad.

Good day to all,

Ronan Planchon, journalist at Figaro.

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Elderly people: tragedy behind closed doors in nursing homes

Each evening, it is the same ritual: the Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, reports the number of deaths from coronavirus, in perpetual increase. This assessment is all the more tragic since it is incomplete: Jérôme Salomon only takes into account deaths that have occurred in hospitals.

Since the start of the epidemic, deaths from coronavirus have accumulated in nursing homes. All of this, out of sight of families, forbidden to visit. The situation does not

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