The fight against the fire in Capilla del Monte continues and families evacuate in La Cumbre

The important forest fire that started last week due to a lightning strike is still active and is being fought by volunteer firefighters in the mountainous area surrounding the Cordovan town of Chapel of the Mount, reported police sources.

The incident, which began last Wednesday, and was presumed to be extinguished by the fall of rains that night, restarted on Thursday and from that moment on it continues to devastate mountains and grasslands, in adverse weather conditions for the work of firefighters.

The north wind and heat, with a temperature that on Saturday reached 36 degrees in some parts of the province, favored a very rapid combustion, while a similar climate is expected for today, and the rains would arrive as of tomorrow .

The director of Civil Defense, Diego Concha, told the media: “In Capilla del Monte the fire was advancing from north to south, from Huertas Malas and Cerro Overo, further east towards the Los Alazanes dam, and the main focus is behind from the Las Gemelas hill “.

“For now there is no risk to the population, but an operation with police officers from the Punilla department is already armed if an evacuation is necessary,” the official explained.

More than 200 firefighters with the help of four hydrant planes tackle the day’s tasks to fight the fire.


On the other hand, volunteer firefighters from La Cumbre work since the early hours of the morning in a focus located in the Tiu Mayú area, near the town of Ascochinga.

The climatic conditions complicated the work of the troops and at noon the flames reached La Cumbre, dangerously close to the Carayá monkey reserve.

The green date marks the intersection of the roads of Ascochinga and Agua de Oro. (Twitter / @JuanmaLezcanoo)

Pablo Alicio, mayor of La Cumbre, told Carlos Paz Vivo! that “the fire is in the Tiu Mayu area on the road to Ascochinga, one kilometer from the Carayá monkey reserve. A preventive evacuation of some homes was carried out ”.

From the reserve they reported that the cougars that live in the place have already been evacuated.


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