The fight for human rights will be the focus of Zinexit’s XI. editions

‘Our life as refugee children in Europe’ filmeko irudia.

Three award-winning documentaries, the premiere of ‘Paris Stalingrad’, the newly released ‘Maixabel’ and Kubrick’s classic ‘Senderos de Gloria’ will be screened in Bilbao

XI Zinexit Film and Human Rights Festival, organized by the Basque Government’s Directorate for Human Rights, Victims and Diversity. The exhibition includes an excellent poster: ‘Our life as refugee children in Europe’ short documentary, Goya 2020 award; The premiere of ‘Paris Stalingrad’; ‘La leyenda negra’, the ‘Diversity and Human Rights’ award at the Zinegoak 2021 Festival; ‘The Cave’, which has won numerous awards at various film festivals and was nominated for an Oscar in 2020; and the recently released ‘Maixabel’. After the latter, there will be a conversation with Maixabel Lasa. Also on November 26th, one of the best anti-war films in the history of cinema, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1957, will be shown on the big screen: ‘Paths of Glory’. The festival will take place from 22 to 26 November at the Golem Alhóndiga cinemas in Bilbao.

Zinexit will offer a five-day program, and once again, with screenings of films and documentaries, there will be interesting talks by Maixabel Lasa, the real protagonist of the film that bears her name, and Silvia Venegas, director of Amnesty International, the Basque Refugee Aid Committee (CEAR ) and representatives of the Maritime Humanitarian Rescue.

The inauguration will take place this Monday with the screening of ‘Our Life as Refugee Children in Europe’, which won the award for best short film at the 2020 Goya Awards. In fifteen minutes, director Silvia Venegas will bring us closer to the reality of about a million minors who have fled the war and sought refuge in Europe. . “They are the most vulnerable, and the attitude we have towards them will mark their future and ours. The poet Gloria Fuertes wrote: ‘The homeland is neither a flag nor a gun, it is a child who looks at our homeland’.

Then you can watch the documentary ‘Paris Stalingrad’. There, Hind Meddebe and Thim Naccach have filmed the coexistence of African refugees living on the streets of the Stalingrad district of Paris until the bureaucracy decides their fate. ‘Police raids on refugee camps are becoming increasingly common and violent. What do we do when we become witnesses to foreign policy? I decided to record a record to show what the city is doing to newcomers, ”said Thim Naccach.

On the second day, Tuesday, there will be an opportunity to see the first feature film by director Patricia Vidal Delgado, a work that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Diversity and Human Rights Award at the Zinegoak festival. The protagonist of ‘La leyenda negra’ is Aleteia, a Salvadoran immigrant who grew up in the United States as a teenager, who is behind the whole migration crisis, who has to deal with the prejudices of his new classmates.

On Wednesday, ‘The Cave’, which is nominated for an Oscar, will be screened. In this film, director Feras Fayyad delves into the five-year siege of the Syrian city of Guta. The documentary, which received a nomination for the last edition of the Oscars, helps a female pediatrician and nurse, along with the collapse of all basic infrastructure, along with other doctors and health workers, on their way to becoming an underground shelter. There, in addition to tackling chaos and lack of resources, he will have to fight machismo. Machismo continues to dominate Syrian society, and sometimes despises women’s professional skills. The next speaker will be Nurse Izaskun Arriaran, coordinator of the Maritime Humanitarian Rescue project.

On Thursday, ‘Maixabel’, winner of the Irizar Award for Best Basque Film, will be screened at the San Sebastian Festival. In the words of the jury, Icíar Bollain’s “simple and moderate” work will bring us closer to Maixabel Lasa, Ibon Etxezarreta and Luis Carrasco. Maixabel is the widow of the former civil governor of Gipuzkoa, Juan Maria Jauregi, and the other two were killed by her accomplices.

Maixabel does a completely humane thing: she confronts the men who killed her husband Juan María Jáuregui in 2000 to report the pain they have suffered, to ask answers to questions they can only answer, to hear them say that they feel the pain they feel, and to assess their honesty. On the other hand, these two men have made a long and difficult journey: they have left behind the justifications that prompted them to take a gun one day, only to be confronted with what they have done. The film explores the effects of violence and the cost of living, especially for those who experience violence, but also for those who use violence and the whole society that experiences violence. Blanca Portillo and Luis Tosar are the protagonists of the film.

The ending will be put on by a luxury classic, as on Friday filmgoers will be able to see one of the best films in the history of cinema, ‘Senderos de gloria’ against the war. The work filmed by Stanley Kubrick in 1957 is based on real events. In World War I, the attack by the French army to regain control of a hill taken by the Germans will end with the complete defeat of the authorities responsible for the alleged cowardice of their soldiers. Three of them, randomly selected, will be brought before a council of war, where they will judge themselves for organizing the suicide action to avoid the responsibility they had in the massacre.

This year too, Zinexit has become the perfect framework for raising awareness among children and young people, with the importance of defending human rights. To this end, the Zinexit School Department will once again have a program in its program, and once again, together with the Bilbao City Council’s Department of Cooperation, Coexistence and Festivities, Budi! He will take the initiative. For another school year, it will be extended to Primary School students to practice Human Rights in teaching. The animated film ‘Terra Willy’ for children will be screened in Basque. The work of the creators of the film ‘La panda de la selva’ tells the story of Willy’s adventure. He is a child who travels with his parents on a space mission. As a result of an accident, he leaves the spaceship in the air in an emergency capsule that will take him to an unknown planet.


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