the fight of a Havraise to advance research

It is an evil that affects 2,500 children each year in France: cancer in young children remains unknown. 50% of these pediatric cancers occur before the age of 5 and 500 children die from it every year in our country. Unlike adult cancer, there is little research on childhood cancer and diseases are totally different. In Le Havre, a mother made her fight, through an association she succeeded in mobilizing artists, restaurateurs, local cafetiers to raise funds for research.

In 2013 when Ludivine, pregnant with her second child, learned of her eldest daughter’s cancer, obviously the world collapsed. Her little Emma was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2.

It was an adrenal tumor which then metastasized in the belly, neck, bone marrow ”

“We quickly understood that there was a lack of funding for research, that the treatments were not suitable“confides Ludivine who discovers that” there are about sixty types of childhood cancer and above all that they have nothing to do with adult cancers. However, the treatments administered to the child are the same as those administered to an adult.

Overnight, Ludivine and her husband Charles, detect a lump in their daughter’s neck. She is followed in particular at the Trousseau hospital in Paris, and at the Gustave Roussy center in Val-de-Marne; she is undergoing chemotherapy, has an operation. But little Emma finally died at the age of 3.

When my daughter fell ill, no one could explain the origin of the cause to me “

There was no connection with my environment or my pregnancy, which went very well“says Ludivine.

Local actions to raise funds

For five years she has been organizing a day called “To their health. On a specific date, when you consume in the bars and restaurants of Le Havre, the money is donated to an association Imagine For Margo for which Ludivine is an ambassador and who then helps fund research. In the first edition five years ago, Ludivine had mobilized ten bars and restaurants, today they are about fifty to participate.

This year there is also a raffle with more than 40 artists from Le Havre including Jace and Little Bob who are partners. Ludivine succeeded and collected nearly € 12,000 in donations and tickets.

For manufacturers, childhood cancer is too rare to invest “

After Emma, ​​Ludivine and her husband had three more children, but their fight continues. They want also highlight the difficulties for parents to reconcile professional life with a seriously ill child.

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