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Charles Hoskinson is a mathematician and technology entrepreneur from Colorado, United States. He once stepped down as a student of analytic number theory at Metropolitan State University in Denver and the University of Colorado Boulder to explore the cryptography industry.

Armed with experience in this field, Hoskinson worked on a number of data mining projects using research crowdsource and development web spider. He is a prolific author and published several papers on computer virus analysis metamorphic.

In April 2013, Hoskinson read whitepaper Bitcoin written by Satoshi Nakamoto and was amazed. He wanted to contribute to the development of Bitcoin, so he quit his job as a consultant and founded the online school site Bitcoin Education Project with Nikos Bentinitis, now CEO of CoinSimple, and Brian Goss.

Many people, including his parents, felt that Hoskinson made a crazy decision, but Hoskinson was confident about what he did.

Passion Hoskinson indeed in the field of education. In addition to being the Director of the Bitcoin Education Project, he is the founder of the education committee at the Bitcoin Foundation, and founded the Crypto Research Group in 2013.

Charles Hoskinson: Adam Back Mungkin Satoshi Nakamoto

Through these efforts, Hoskinson wanted to educate the public about the value of a currency that was decentralized and cryptographically secured. Hoskinson’s determination bears sweet fruit, as there are around 70 thousand people signing up to join his online Bitcoin class.

Through his involvement in the Bitcoin school, Hoskinson had the opportunity to meet Vitalik Buterin and later became one of the eight founders of Ethereum. Hoskinson’s career in the crypto industry took off even further when he became CEO of Ethereum in December 2013.

Not long after joining Ethereum, there was debate about how to build Ethereum as an institution.

Hoskinson wanted to receive venture capital and set up a business entity with a formal regulatory structure. Meanwhile Buterin wants Ethereum to remain a non-profit organization with decentralized rules and open-source.

As a result of not having a single vision, Hoskinson left Ethereum in June 2014. He was upset about leaving the project, but when Ethereum’s market capitalization value soared to US $ 120 billion in January 2018, Hoskinson thought maybe Buterin had taken the right step.

Apart from Buterin, Hoskinson also met with Dan Larimer | via the Bitcointalk forum. Larimer came up with an idea for a crypto called BitShares, and Hoskinson planned his business scheme.

Together, they founded Invictus Innovations and launched platform BitShares financial blockchain in 2014.

After leaving Ethereum, Hoskinson took a six-month hiatus and thought about returning to the mathematics he was in before plunging into cryptography. Fortunately, in 2015 he was approached by Jeremy Wood, a close friend of Ethereum, to form a new project called IOHK that builds crypto and blockchain for companies, government agencies and educational institutions.

Together with Wood, Hoskinson invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and began securing contracts to create crypto. The business managed to get a big profit, because they were paid in Bitcoin with Bitcoin soaring at that time.

When the crypto market is experiencing bubble, Hoskinson and Wood decide to sell their crypto deposits. Thanks to this decision, Hoskinson said, IOHK had sufficient capital to operate for decades.

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The main project that IOHK has produced is Cardano, a public blockchain and platform smart contract run with the ADA crypto. ADA has made it into the ranks of the top ten cryptos by market cap, one group with Ethereum.

Due to his love of mathematics, Hoskinson took the names Cardano and ADA from two famous mathematicians, Gerolamo Cardano, a mathematician of the Renaissance era, and Ada Lovelace, programmer the world’s first computer.

While developing Cardano and ADA, Hoskinson continued to educate people about crypto, became a proponent of decentralization and worked to make cryptographic tools easier for people to use. mainstream. [ed]

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