The film “A dark, dark man”, an explosive Kazakh cocktail

This October 14 is released in France A dark, dark man, by Kazakh director Adilkhan Yerzhanov. This film about the adventures and misadventures of a rogue cop mixes crime and western, darkness and dark humor, with a few touches of absurd poetry. Here is what he thought The Steppe, un site d’information kazakh.

I remember that in 2016 the KBTU University of Technology had organized in Almaty [la plus grande ville du Kazakhstan] screenings of films by Kazakh directors, including Adilkhan Yerzhanov. Adilkhan had exchanged with the spectators on deep topics, in particular the question of knowing what art is for, what is its purpose and its function. I then learned of the existence of the cinematographic movement that he had launched under the name of “partisan cinema”, and which recalled the manifesto of Dogma95 [lancé en 1995 par des réalisateurs danois, dont Lars Von Trier] with its principles of lower costs, new shapes and realism without cuts.

At the limit of the fantastic

Looking dark, dark man [“Un homme très, très sombre”] transports us to an isolated village, between salt meadows, arid steppes and sinister villagers, all bathed in omnipresent violence and exposed impunity. In my opinion, Adilkhan has always mixed in his work the absurd with social realism, bordering on the fantastic.

The plot of the film will be familiar to Generation Z fans of Netflix series as much as to the baby boomers who enjoy crime films. A little boy is found dead in a village. Investigator Bekzat (Daniyar Alshinov) wants to close the case as soon as possible since the local police have found the ideal culprit, Pukuar (Teoman Khos), a harmless idiot. But the case is called into question when a journalist named Ariana (Dinara Baktybayeva), from the city, gets involved. From now on, the investigator will have to conduct an investigation according to the rules of the art, for the first time in his career.

Accents of comedy


Arouna Alimtaeva

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