The filming of the series The Heirs of the Land lands in the Old Town of Girona

The preparations for the imminent filming of the series The Heirs of the Earth, the sequel to The Cathedral of the Sea, are already visible in the Old Town of Girona. After passing through the castle of Hostalric, the recording of the television adaptation of the bestseller by Ildefonso Falcones in Girona will continue next week in the capital and among the locations chosen by the filming team are the Arab Baths, l interior of the Cathedral and the Jurors’ Square.

Tests were already carried out yesterday to rule out cases of coronavirus among the extras and, although the filming of this Netflix television blockbuster is scheduled from Monday 18 to Thursday 21, the effects on the movement and parking of vehicles already they have started, because the producer’s forecast is to start editing this Saturday. Thus, for example, on Carrer de Bellaire -on the Galligants platform- from yesterday until the 21st it is no longer possible to park there so that the space is available for filming trucks.

However, the bulk of the traffic incidents will not begin until Monday in the early hours of the morning, when the rise of the Cathedral, that of King Martí and Carrer de Ferran el Católic will be cut off. According to Girona City Council, Carrer dels Alemanys will be closed the next morning.

And as for the car park, between 16 and 21 it will be forbidden in different parts of the surroundings of the cathedral and the Arab Baths, such as Carrer Ferran el Catòlic, Francesc Samsó, dels Manaies and the ascent of the Cathedral. . In addition, it will also be forbidden to leave the car in about eight spaces in the car park in Plaça de Sant Domènec.

The series is a co-production of Diagonal TV, Netflix, Televisió de Catalunya and Atresmedia set in Barcelona in the late Middle Ages, in 1387. In addition to the lands of Girona, where the producer was looking for up to 500 extras, it is also filmed on Catalan capital and various scenarios of Tarragona.

It will premiere worldwide on Netflix, where it can be seen exclusively for twelve months, and then it will also be available for Atresmedia and Televisió de Catalunya for a quarter.

Directed by Jordi Frades, the series features actors such as Yon González, Elena Rivera, Rodolfo Sancho, Michelle Jenner, Maria Rodríguez and Pere Arquillué in the cast. Manel Sans, Mercedes León, Bruna Cusí and Natalia Sánchez, among other performers, will also appear.

It will tell in eight 50-minute chapters the story of Hugo Llor, a twelve-year-old boy who spends most of his time on the street dreaming of becoming a shipbuilder. Hugo’s life will not be easy, but he will have the support and protection of a highly respected old man, Arnau Estanyol.


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