The Final 4 of the League of Nations is known

Published on : 19/11/2020 – 18:21Modified : 19/11/2020 – 18:23

Contents of Radio foot this Thursday: League of Nations: Belgium victorious over Denmark (4-2) and Italy falling over Bosnia-Herzegovina (0-2) join France and Spain to play the final tournament in 4! European logic respected?

– The Mannschaft, a vessel in peril? Humiliated as never before by Spain (6-0). Can Joachim Löw hold the helm for long? David Lortholary, our German football man tells us everything!

– South America: World Cup Qualifying, Brazil in the lead ahead of Argentina, and Ecuador surprising winner of Colombia (6-1), behind lagging behind with Chile. We take stock after 4 disputed days with Dominique Baillif, our “South American football” specialist.

To discuss it around Annie Gasnier, our consultants of the day, Marc Libbra and Cherif Ghemmour – David Fintzel – Pierre Guérin – Technique / Director: Laurent Salerno.


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