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Who will Sarah Mainguy or Mohamed Cheikh win Top Chef season 12? This is the whole question of this final which will pit two candidates against each other in the legendary George V in order to prepare a gourmet meal for 70 Red Cross volunteers. Ready? Hot in front!

22h13. The thing that is good for Sarah in the lamb is that she has Matthias on her team. And Matthias is a taulier in the field.

22h11. Pierre, Arnaud and Mohamed taste the sauce. And chefs Sarran and Darroze fully validate. Oh it smacks of the masterclass, this story.

22h09. « If you take away the sauce, you take away the pleasure. »Make André-Pierre Gignac meet Mohamed Cheikh, please. France asks for it.

22h08. Arnaud put butter first. But the butter is after according to Mohamed. The job before the friends, that’s all.

22h07. Arnaud makes the lobster juice, Mohamed not. Come on my Nono, it’s up to you to make the difference. And the chef Darroze is not happy at all …

22h06. Perfect cooking of the lobster according to Mohamed. How strong, Pierrot le fou.

22h05. Assume your identity, Mohamed! Look at these pretty lobsters! Pierre is as determined as ever.

22h04. Arnaud and Pierre are zouaves in the other kitchen. The Pinder circus on stage!

22h03. So she’s going to grill her shells one by one there? Oh yeah, I hope it won’t take him too long.

22h02. Oh Sarah’s huge wrong note! She put the scallops in the freezer. Ouch…

22h01. Well, it must smell like iodine right here. We are in the Atlantic Ocean.

21h59. Sarah is getting lost in the kitchen. Be careful, time management is also important.

21h58. Come on, let’s go back! Sarah calls Charline ” my chick“. It’s cute.

21:52. ALERT TO THE BRAVES! I take advantage of the ad to tell you that tonight, the notes for the show will be made with Adrien Cachot. Yes yes, you read that correctly, we are talking about the finalist of season 11 of Top Chef, just that! Looking forward to reading his remarks.

21h49. Sarah let the boys coal in the back room. Who is the boss here?

21h48. There was clearly a click in the quarter-final against Pierre, too.

21h46. I wonder if Mohamed’s greatest quality in his dishes is the color composition. He looks like a very talented painter, they paint us every time.

21h44. But they are magnificent, these salsify chips! Well done Chloe, boss!

21h43. Arnaud and Pierre already treat me with their flick of the wrist to brown the salsify.

21h41. Mohamed reframes Chloe quite quickly. Better to dot the i’s directly. But she has beautiful arms, Chloe. She smells hard.

21:40. I feel that there is a real connection between Chef Sarran and Mohamed, it’s nice to see.

21h39. « Chloe is cooking, the deep love of this bowl.Come on, it’s sold.

21h38. @ VanRay76: Hi! OK, you’re teaching me something. Intersidereal Seum for them …

@Dimrost: Thank you, too!

21h36. Apple and samphire? Okay, why not!

21h34. Scallops and smoked breast with mushrooms as a starter, it’s solid. Langoustine and lamb for the main course, that seemed dangerous to me. Plus, she hasn’t really mastered lamb twice this season. Basically, it passes or it breaks!

21h33. Sarah nevertheless managed to say to her brigade leader: “ it pisses me off, I confess“. The only thing missing was the familiarity.

21h31. It would still be very romantic to see Paul Pairet fail for the second time in a row in the final, wouldn’t it? A FC Valence 2000 and 2001 for him.

21h29. Sarah flashback to remember that she didn’t believe in herself. Well, she’s 25 at the same time. Sacred perf ‘to be in the final.

21h27. On the Sarah side, it’s a land-sea menu. She takes Pauline with her. And she can count on the Baptiste-Matthias duo, the equivalent of a Yorke-Cole era Manchester United for the purists.

21h26. Cacao criolle, that’s yes. What a royal menu for Mohamed Cheikh. He learned well, boy.

21h25. Cooked salifis, marinière with a knife and freshness for the starter. Breton lobster, shellfish juice and hummus. North Africa is here! What if the boss says it’s “gourmand», It’s won.

21h22. Mohamed decides to put Chloe as a starter. She will ensure, the prisoner. Arnaud and Pierre for the main course and Thomas for the dessert. It’s a sick Dream Team, for real.

21h20. And the Reds will team up with the Yellows! Sumptuous! Pierre, Arnaud and Mohamed together, I can’t wait to see this magical trio in action.

21h19. The mustache brigade for Chef Sarran! Pierre is very Arsène Lupine.

21h17. Well, Paul Pairet’s team is also very well equipped with Baptiste, Pauline and Sarah. There will be level.


21h14. « I arrived with impostor syndrome.Sarah, this candidate who thinks she has 3/20 in control and who finally takes an 18. It’s annoying, don’t you think?

21h13. Mohamed who wants to bring victory to Hélène Darroze, that’s all we want to hear.

21h11. Zééééééé partiiiiiiii !!!

21h10. Well tell me, it feels like the curfew has passed to 11pm! A comment before the start of the final, it smacks of the catenaccio of the commentary tonight, a zero 0-0 and a shootout. And who is going to pay the price? It’s bibi.

21h07. If not, what did you eat before landing in front of this final? Go ahead, send me some dream.

21h05. Well, we already know thatTamaraisn’t a great movie with the trailer. Pity.

21h01. Come on, it’s the blooper ofScenes of households, time for action, the real one!

20h57. @SalineMagimax: Hello to you! Ah, we’re not going to be too much friends all of a sudden. I want the cowardly love story between chef Darroze and Mohamed to end on the most beautiful note possible. But Sarah deserves it just as much, eh. It’s just a personal taste.

20h55. Well, I’ll sum it up for you before the hostilities start: Sarah and Mohamed will each have 10 hours to prepare 70 dishes (starters, main courses and desserts to be precise) for their evening hosts. All in one of the most beautiful restaurants in the Parisian capital: the George V, no more no less. Enticing, right?

20h50. Hello guys! Okay, after that great victory for the Blues on M6 yesterday, I hope you are ready for this epic finale on the same channel. Rather Sarah or Mohamed? Paul Pairet or Hélène Darroze? Place your bets !

By Antoine Donnarieix


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