The first artificial pancreas transplants in France

At the beginning of November, the Perpignan Hospital Center equipped the first three diabetic patients with this device. A first in France.

In fact, at the beginning of November, the endocrinology department of the Perpignan Hospital Center had the honor of equipping its first diabetic patients with this revolutionary device.

This is a first in France since they were the first 3 patients in France equipped in real life, excluding clinical studies.

What is an artificial pancreas?

Contrary to what this term might suggest, it is not an organ that is grafted inside the body but an external material placed on the skin that will automatically deliver insulin. to the diabetic patient.

This device is made up of 2 elements communicating with each other by Bluetooth:

a glucose sensor placed on the skin which will continuously measure the sugar level and transmit this information to a so-called intelligent pump, i.e. equipped with a brain called an algorithm which will be able to calculate the insulin doses on its own necessary to maintain the patient’s sugar level within the desired goal.

This is a major breakthrough for patients who no longer need to calculate their insulin doses themselves. The system operates on its own except at mealtimes when the patient must announce his meals by entering the quantity of carbohydrates he is going to eat into the pump.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, the Endocrinology department is organizing an E-Live conference this Friday, November 13 at 6.30 p.m.

The team will present to you new technologies for the management of diabetes, in particular the installation of the artificial pancreas as a therapeutic innovation at CH Perpignan.

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